Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Bao boss tips and strategy

Zhang Bao is the fourth boss you fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and possibly one of the most difficult bosses since the first. Zhang Bao, the Earth General, primarily uses magical attacks to catch you off guard and weaken your Spirit before unleashing strong melee attacks.

Fortunately, you are not alone in this fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Two brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, will be with you throughout the battle, giving you the support you need to perform powerful attacks of your own.

Since this boss can be tricky, we’ll show you how to beat Zhang Bao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, tips on how to prepare for the fight, as well as a breakdown of his attacks and how to weaken the Earth General.

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How to Prepare for Zhang Bao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

By this point in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you’re probably well aware that preparing before entering a boss battle is one of the main things you need to do right to beat the boss.

wo long fallen dynasty zhang bao general of the land
Zhang Bao is a formidable and ruthless enemy.

In the case of fighting Zhang Bao, we recommend that you do six things before approaching the Earth General:

  • Fill your Dragons Cure Pots: Having small additional health boosts on hand will help you survive the fight.
  • Bring your morale to 20 or more: Zhang Bao’s morale is between 17 and 18 when you enter the fight. If your morale is 20 or higher, you will notice that the fight is much easier. There are many flags and enemies that you can farm so quickly.
  • Have a ranged weapon and ammo: Fighting this boss at range will make the first half easier, especially when it comes to avoiding his attacks.
  • Upgrade your own weapon: Visit the blacksmith at the beginning of the level and upgrade your weapons if any of them have a damage stat below 150. It is possible to beat the boss with a lower level weapon, but a higher damage stat will do the trick. . easier.
  • Have at least one of each type of magic spell: Magic attacks are one of the main ones Zhang Bao uses, so having your own magic to counter them is key.
  • Use battle flags and marking flags to increase your strength rank. Having a higher strength rank will make fighting Zhang Bao easier.

Once you feel like you’ve prepared enough, it’s time to fight the Earth General.

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How to beat Zhang Bao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Beating Zhang Bao starts with learning his attacks and attack patterns to lower his Spirit level and then using that knowledge to lower his health. Just like fighting the previous bosses, you’ll want to wear down Zhang Bao’s spirit bar and then attack them.

For most of the battle, it’s best to stay away from Zhang Bao while Guan Yu and Zhang Fei attack. This gives you a window to use your ranged weapon (we used a crossbow) to undermine Zhang Bao’s spirit and health or to heal yourself if necessary.

long fallen dynasty crossbow aiming at zhang bao
Our crossbow caused quite a bit of damage.

That being said, when they are ready, unleash your Divine Beast on the Earth General. At this point, we had Qilin from the fight with Zhuyan.

The most important thing to know is that Zhang Bao can teleport across the battlefield and end up almost on top of you to attack you if you’re not careful. We strongly recommend that you use your target tracker during the fight to keep an eye on them. Even if they teleport, the tracker will pick them up so you can know where they are at all times.

Additionally, mid-combat they will summon four Warlocks who will appear in the corners of the battlefield. At this point, move away from Zhang Bao and let the brothers attack them while you deal with the warlocks. Eliminate all the witches quickly because they will cause you serious problems.

wo long fallen dynasty zhang bao boss fight sorcerer
Remember to watch your back still.

As you did when fighting the other bosses, if you lower Zhang Bao’s spirit and health enough, they will be briefly vulnerable. As soon as this happens and you see the red circle appear above them, use your Spirit Attack to remove a portion of their health.

Now, all of this is only useful if you know how to anticipate incoming attacks and learn which ones to parry, dodge, counter, and which ones you can’t guard against.

Attacks that you can parry or dodge

These are all the attacks Zhang Bao uses that you can dodge, counter, or parry. Once you know their basics and how to deal with them, you will be able to avoid them while destroying the Earth Spirit General.

One of the attacks they use the most is one based on Fire in which they send rings of fire around them in waves. These are easy to dodge by jumping at the right time, but you can counter them with a water spell.

Fire seems to be this boss’s favorite, because he can also send it in several straight lines in front of them. Again, they are easy to avoid by jumping on them or using a water spell.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Bao Fire Attack
You too can run away from the fire.

The next attack is one of ‘Spinning Blade’. This is where Zhang Bao will suddenly, and very quickly, turn as he holds his weapon to slash you. You can parry this attack, but it’s a safer option to dodge it and wait until someone can’t fight back before making your move.

Another magic attack they use will warn you of what’s coming. If the ground beneath your feet starts to glow, quickly use your dodge and run out of the circle. This indicates that a magical attack from the ground or from above (it can be either) will occur within a few seconds, so you must react quickly to get to safety.

wo long fallen dynasty zhang bao ground attack
Run but be careful of Zhang Bao’s other attacks.

Zhang Bao will also use another magic attack that will send red orbs around him. These orbs appear in a semi-circle and will track your location, so even if you move, they will follow you. We recommend that you parry or dodge them if you have enough spirit. If you don’t have much spirit, dodging them can leave you vulnerable, so choose wisely.

Helpless attacks

These are the defenseless (red) attacks that Zhang Bao uses in the fight. You can’t stop them, but if you counter them at the right time you can launch a powerful counterattack against Zhang Bao. These are the attacks that will help you take them down.

If you’ve fought a warlock before in this area, then this magical attack should look familiar to you. Zhang Bao will stop, his hand will glow red briefly, and then he will throw a large object at you.

Just before the object hits you, use your counter command to send it back to Zhang Bao with some force. This will substantially damage your spirit and health bar if done at the right time.

Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Bao Projectile Attack
Return to Sender.

The next unprotected one is a little tricky to get the timing of the counterattack right, but if you get it, it will help you take down the Earth General very quickly.

Zhang Bao will glow almost completely red and then suddenly disappear. They will then reappear in a different direction than the one you are facing before attacking you to grab you. If they get their hands on you, it’s pretty much the end of your fight, as they can take out more than half your health in a single move.

Long fallen dynasty zhang bao capture attack
This is an example of what NOT to do: we got caught.

To counter this attack, you must wait for them to respawn. This is where the tracking feature comes in handy as it will show you exactly where they are and you should have enough time to get to them.

As soon as Zhang Bao appears from the void, press your countercommand to send a counterattack. If you time it right, they’ll briefly turn their back on you and you’ll be able to land a few good hits on them before they regain their composure.

The only thing we recommend avoiding is when Zhang Bao stands still, glows red, and then picks up large dark red spikes from the ground. If you get caught in these, they will pierce you and countering them offers little benefit compared to the other two attacks that cannot be shielded.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Bao, General of Man Rewards Explained

After defeating Zhang Bao, you will be rewarded with several high-level items along with Copper and Qi. Here’s a full breakdown of everything you can get from defeating the Earth General:

  • x4 Rank 1 Steel
  • x3 Rank 2 Leather
  • x1 champion helmet with yellow turban
  • x1 Yellow Turban Armor
  • 5700 Qi (This may vary)
  • 4,456 (This may vary)
  • 4 Star Chaos Ritual Sword

Additionally, you take an oath with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu that grants you an additional special reward.

oath of the fallen dynasty of wo long zhang fei guan yu
Both brothers have proven to be valuable allies.

With Zhang Bao officially defeated, you can continue your journey in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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