Tchia Trophy guide, every hidden achievement and unlock requirements explained

Tchia has 22 trophies to collect in total, including a hidden trophy that can be quite tricky to discover. At the time of writing, Tchia has not yet been released for PC, but we will update this page with any and all PC achievements once it is available.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation trophies for Tchia are somewhat related, especially if you want to earn the coveted Platinum. Some trophies will ask you to find all the treasure chests, while others will ask you to upgrade your own powers.

Without further ado, here are all the trophies in Tchia and how to unlock them.

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Tchia Trophy and list of achievements

There are 21 trophies to collect in Tchia, this is not including the hidden trophy that we will reveal later in this list.

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You can collect most of these trophies by following the main story on Tchia, but others will require you to explore off the main path and spend time exploring each island to discover hidden secrets.

Here are all of Tchia’s basic and non-hidden trophies:

Trophy how to unlock it Qualification
Fashion faux pas Use the umbrella hat. Bronze
soul cannon Soul jump towards an object after soul throwing it. Bronze
clay dove Shoot down a bird with a slingshot. Bronze
In a hurry Win something in a claw machine Bronze
Energy Saver Burn three enemies at once with a single item or explosion. Silver
Ahem, ahem Scream from all points of view. Silver
Iconoclastic Destroy all the statues of Meavora. Silver
Globetrotter Discover all the Docks. Silver
Audiophile Unlock all the soul melodies. Silver
The journey forward Reach the end of the game. Silver
happy camper Discover all Bonfires. Silver
Shredder Get a score of 100% on any musical sequence. Silver
cut cut Wears Crab’s full outfit. Silver
Arrr! Show off the complete pirate and ship-style outfit. Silver
Body and soul Upgrade your Soul-Meter to 10 spaces. Gold
High voltage cable Improve your resistance to 120. Gold
Ca de Wizz! Reach 100% game completion. Gold
Historian Find and open all the treasure chests. Gold
fashion victim Unlock all cosmetic items for Tchia and the ship. Gold
Liberator Clear all soldier camps. Gold
New Caledonia Collect all the trophies. Platinum

Need a little help while exploring the beautiful Tchia Islands? Check out our guides showing you how to get pearls and chicken eggs to find out where to find these useful materials. If you feel like exploring for collectibles, check out our treasure chest locations guide, plus those for the Meavora Statue and Diving Challenge locations. Also, if you want to get around quickly, check out our quick travel guide.

List of Tchia’s hidden achievements and trophies

There’s only one hidden trophy for Tchia, and figuring out how to complete it is quite the puzzle. However, once you solve it, you can earn the coveted Platinum Trophy.

Tchia's official work in front of a sign in the dark with a torch, in the rain.
Credit: Awaceb, Kepler Interactive | Image credit: Awaceb, Kepler Interactive

Here is the hidden trophy for Tchia:

Trophy how to unlock it Qualification
Stuff Find and jump the soul to Pwi Dua’s hand. Gold

Enjoy exploring the beautiful landscape of Tchia while collecting all of these shiny trophies!

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