Pokémon Go Showcase, including how to enter PokéStop Showcases, how to switch Pokémon and rewards explained

PokéStop Showcases are contests that take place, unsurprisingly, at PokéStops in Pokémon Go.

Each Showcase will give you the opportunity to enter a certain Pokémon that will be judged based on how it meets a specific criterion, such as size, against Pokémon entered by other Pokémon Go players. Depending on how you rank in the Showcase, you can earn a selection of rewards and progress through the PokéStop Showcase medal.

First, though, it’s a good idea to know how to enter PokéStop Showcases and how to switch Pokémon, along with the PokéStop Showcase rewards you could earn.

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PokéStop Showcases explained: How many players can enter a Showcase in Pokémon Go?

PokéStop Showcases are contests held at PokéStops during certain events in Pokémon Go, which launched in July 2023.

The showcases focus on a limited selection of Pokémon and compare them to other players’ entries based on certain criteria, such as size. Each Showcase will run for a limited period of time and you will be rewarded simply for participating, but if you manage to get first place, you will also receive progress towards your Showcase Star medal.

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According to the official Pokémon Go blog, up to 200 Pokémon can be entered at a time in a Showcase. However, there have been reports on The Silph Road subreddit that only 50 players were able to enter a Showcase.

Thanks to Pikamon895 from reddit for help with this information.

The PokeStop presentation has a maximum of 50 participants from r/The Silph Road. To view this content, please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings

You can also only enter three Showcases at a time. Therefore, if you reach this maximum but find another Showcase you want to participate in, you will need to leave one of the contests you are currently in.

But how do you get into a PokéStop exhibit…?

How to enter PokéStop Showcases in Pokémon Go

To participate in a PokéStop exhibition in Pokémon Go, you must first find a PokéStop that is running a contest. To do this, look for a PokéStop that has a circular blue icon floating above it; This means that there is a Showcase waiting for you!

You must be in the radius of the PokéStop to enter the Showcase, and once you are, select the PokéStop in question. After doing so, you should see a button labeled “Showcase” below the photodisc; Selecting it will open the Showcase menu.

Image credit: Niantic/Eurogamer

An example of showcase criteria. | Image credit: Niantic/Eurogamer

In the Showcase menu, you’ll be able to see which Pokémon can be entered, the quality they’re judged by, and when the Showcase will end.

You will also be able to see who is the current leader in the Showcase, the leaderboard and you will be able to enter a Pokémon yourself.

Showcase will automatically select which Pokémon from your selection is best suited for the contest, but you can also enter a different Pokémon if you wish.

To do so, select the “Enter different Pokémon” option to bring up a list of the Pokémon you currently have in your Storage that are eligible for the Showcase. Below these Pokémon, you’ll see a point value that tells you how well they fit the Showcase criteria – the higher the number of points, the better they’ll do in the contest!

For example, the image below is from a showcase where players were asked to select their largest Squirtle. The point value is related to the size of the Squirtle, so the higher the point value, the larger the Squirtle and the more likely it is to win the Showcase.

You can choose the Pokémon that Showcase will select automatically or make your own selection. | Image credit: Niantic/Eurogamer

Once you’ve decided which Pokémon you want to enter the Showcase, select the “Enter” button. Your Pokémon will then receive a star rating based on how it meets the Showcase criteria, and from there it will be ranked based on how it compares to the other Pokémon in the competition.

Image credit: Niantic

It’s important to note that as other players enter Pokémon into the Showcase, your ranking may change, because they may enter a Pokémon that exceeds your point value. If this happens, then you will need to enter a Pokémon with a higher point value compared to your creature to regain your ranking.

Any Pokémon you enter into a Showcase can still be traded, transferred, evolved, or shapeshifted.

Image credit: Niantic/Eurogamer

This means that it’s important to remember which Pokémon you’ve entered into an Exhibit because, as of this writing, there’s no icon in Pokémon Storage to highlight that you’ve done so, like when placing a Pokémon into a Gym. Because of this, you run the risk of accidentally removing a Pokémon from a Showcase by doing something like evolving or transferring it.

After entering a Showcase, the icon floating above the PokéStop will turn purple to help you keep track of which Showcases you’ve entered.

There is also a “Pokémon in Showcases” section at the bottom of the “Today” tab where you will find a list of all the Showcases you have currently participated in, along with the Pokémon you have placed in them and their current rankings. . Selecting one of these showcases will bring up its specific menu where you can access the leaderboard to see how you are doing against the other competitors.

Image credit: Niantic/Eurogamer

Please note that you can only enter three Showcases at a time. If you want to enter a room, you’ll need to remove a Pokemon from one of the three display cases you’re currently in.

Now that you’ve entered a PokéStop Showcase, all you have to do is sit back and wait until it’s over to receive your rewards. However, if you want to take first place, you will have to keep an eye on your ranking and, if someone replaces you, change your Pokémon to one with a higher point value.

How to Trade Pokémon at PokéStop Showcases in Pokémon Go

Image credit: Niantic/Eurogamer

To trade a Pokémon in a PokéStop Showcase in Pokémon Go, you simply need to access the Showcase menu for the contest you’re currently in and then scroll down to the “Your Pokémon” section.

There you will find the ‘Change Pokémon’ option and selecting it will open a menu containing all the Pokémon that can enter the Showcase in your Storage. Now all you have to do is select the Pokémon you want to enter and it will replace the one currently in the Showcase.

You can switch Pokémon by visiting the PokéStop location or through the ‘Pokémon in Showcases’ section in the ‘Today’ tab. However, you cannot leave a Showcase entirely through the “Today” tab option.

PokéStop Showcases explains the rewards in Pokémon Go

In addition to giving you the opportunity to show off your Pokémon, the best thing about PokéStop Showcases in Pokémon Go is that each trainer who participates in them will receive a reward.

These rewards arrive after the Showcase ends and can include Stardust and XP. The best rewards, however, are reserved for the trainers who took the top three spots in the Showcase.

Image credit: Niantic

According to the official Pokémon Go blog, players who take one of the top three spots in a PokéStop Showcase have a chance to win an Incubator or a Star Piece. Thanks to Quick-Season3798 from The Silph Road subreddit, we also know that you can earn Stardust, Great Balls, and Hyper Potions by placing first in a PokéStop Showcase.

Getting first place will also allow you to progress with the Showcase Star medal, with the ranking for that medal being as follows:

  • Bronze – 1
  • Silver – 10
  • Gold – 50
  • Platinum – 100

Rewards for winning a local r/The Silph Road exhibit. To view this content, please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings

Thanks again to Quick-Season3798 for help with this information.

Good luck at PokéStops!

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