Mini Crossword with Answers: August 10, 2023

Jagran Josh Mini Crossword is a fun and challenging puzzle that covers a wide range of topics including General Knowledge, Static GK, India and World Economy, Government, Geography, History, Science and Technology, Sports and English Vocabulary.

Play our free crossword puzzle every day to learn new facts and trivia about India and the world, as well as improve your English language skills. If you get stuck on a clue, you can always refer to the crossword solution at the end of the article; However, we recommend that you discover the clue yourself to fill in all the blanks.

Mini Crossword: August 10, 2023

Solve this mini crossword puzzle with the clues provided below:

easy mini crossword

At the other side of:

1. Word for not being aware or concerned about what is happening. (9 letters)

3. A Sanskrit poem describing each of the six seasons of India. (11 letters)


2. Trade by exchange of goods. (6 letters)

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Mini Crossword with Answers: August 10, 2023

Check out the mini crossword answers below:

mini crossword answers

At the other side of:

1. Alien

3. Ritusamhara


2. Barter

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