How to transmog armor in God of War Ragnarök

Don’t know how to transfigure your armor in God of War Ragnarök? We have an explanation below on what you need to do to change the appearance of your computer.

Just keep in mind that you can’t transmog at the beginning of the game, as it takes a while to collect the resources needed to do so.

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How to transmogrify armor in God of War Ragnarök

You may have heard that there is a transmog system in God of War Ragnarök and want to take advantage of the stats of a set of equipment without having to use its questionable design.

It’s not explained in the game itself, but if you want to transfigure a piece of armor in God of War Ragnarök, you must fully upgrade it to level 9. This is easier to do with waist armor and wrist armor, but the armor chest yes. the longest to fully upgrade and unlock the transmog, as you need rarer resources like Smoldering Embers to max it out.

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To upgrade a piece of armor, you must go to one of the dwarven shops and spend your resources there. Once your gear is at level 9, go to your own menu, not the shop menu, to equip the gear with the stats you want, then press square to choose the skin you want to transmogrify it to.

You don’t need to max out the armor you want to craft, just the piece you want to equip. It can then be exchanged for any piece of armor you have found or created so far.

Special armor sets like Lunda’s, Raven Tears, Fallen Stars, and Dragon Scaled require unique resources in addition to the usual leather, ingots, and iron. This means that you will have to search for these specialized resources separately. Raven Tears, for example, required you to locate Ravens, while the Dragon Scaled set requires resources to kill dragon-type enemies and collect any loot that drops.

Unlike Kratos, your companions do not have armor with stats in Ragnarök, so you are free to change their equipment to whatever you want without affecting their combat abilities.

I hope you’re having fun in God of War Ragnarök!

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