How to reach stage 1-7 in Sonic Frontiers

Stages 1-7 of Sonic Frontiers are one of the many early game stages that you can find on the Kronos Islands.

However, unlike other Sonic Frontiers stages that are easily accessible on foot, stages 1-7 are located on an island south of the landmass and are apparently inaccessible.

There is a small puzzle involved in reaching them, which not only allows you to reach stages 1 to 7, but also several other items at the same time.

How to get to stage 1-7 in Sonic Frontiers

As you explore and unlock challenges, you gradually start unlocking more maps. This will soon include stages 1 through 7, which are located on an island south of the Kronos Island area.

However, it seems inaccessible: there are no rails or platforms leading to the island.

To get to stage 1-7, you need to find a puzzle switch on the eastern cliffs. It will have three poles nearby, which you must interact with first, creating a tether between them.

Do it from left to right or right to left, as long as you make the second middle pole, recreating the pattern found on the switch.

Now press the puzzle switch; Doing so will create a rail that you can use to cross to the leftmost island.

Once there, you have another one of these puzzles. This one is easier: you just have to connect the two poles. Do this and then activate the switch to create another rail, this time from the previous cliff to the island we are looking for.

Go back and cross and now you can access stages 1-7.

Also here are several fishing tokens, a side quest, and a switch that creates a spring so you can return to the mainland.

Good luck getting all the stage keys!

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