How to beat Gryla boss fight in God of War Ragnarök

Gryla is Ironwood’s main boss fight in God of War Ragnarök, but beating her is more of a puzzle than a test of strength.

There are three phases to the Gryla boss fight, and we have the best strategy and tips on how to beat Gryla in God of War Ragnarök during each phase below.

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Gryla boss fight in Phase 1 in God of War Ragnarök

You can’t hit Gryla as usual until she’s stunned, so during Phase 1 of Gryla’s boss fight, hit the purple runes on her cauldron to deal damage. It’s easier to see when Gryla has turned the cauldron over, exposing her runes, if she locks on with R3.

Between attacks, Gryla will throw things at you from her cauldron; she dodges left or right to avoid them. She will also slam her foot when you get close enough and you will have to dodge backwards to avoid taking damage.

Once you’ve hit the purple runes four times and taken away two and a half bars of her health, Gryla will fall to the ground, stunned. From her Run towards her and melee the purple rune on her cauldron as much as you can before Gryla gets up from her, starting the second phase of her boss fight.

Gryla boss fight in Phase 2 of God of War Ragnarök

As soon as Phase 2 of the Gryla boss fight in God of War Ragnarök begins, the ground will turn red. Quickly jump to one of the ledges to avoid getting hurt!

The strategy for this phase is to jump down or up to avoid the red floor, then get Gryla close to one of the large candles on the edge of the ledges and have Agraboda blow it up when the message appears.

Atreus can then hit the purple runes on Gryla’s cauldron when she is stunned.

Naturally, Gryla will also sometimes spin a purple cauldron rune, so keep an eye out for her to do this while you dodge her cauldron’s projectiles.

Once you’re below four bars of health, Gryla will be stunned again, so run up to her and melee the cauldron as much as you can!

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Gryla boss fight in Phase 3 in God of War Ragnarök

Gryla will be much more cautious during Phase 3 of the fight, so you’ll need to lure her into the candles and have Agraboda blow them up to stun her more often so you can hit the purple runes in her cauldron.

You’ll have to swing between the platforms to get a better angle on the cauldron as Gryla is stunned most of the time.

Gryla will also launch projectiles that will target Atreus, so be sure to hit them with arrows to avoid getting hurt by a stray one.

Remember to dodge and jump up or down the platforms to avoid the red floor, and once Gryla has a health bar, you can rush her and click R3 to end the fight.

Good luck facing Gryla!

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