Fortnite melee weapons and what’s classed as a melee weapon explained

Melee weapons in Fortnite allow you to attack your enemies without having to worry about ammunition.

You can also use them to collect resources, such as wood, to help build structures on the Fortnite map.

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, you must use melee weapons to complete certain missions and challenges.

Below you will discover what a melee weapon is in Fortnite and where to find it.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Launch Game Trailer

What is a melee weapon in Fortnite?

There are currently two melee weapons in Fortnite: your gathering tool, also known as your pickaxe, and the Kinetic Blade.

The Shockwave Hammer is also a melee weapon, but was skipped at the beginning of Chapter 4, Season 2.

The easiest melee weapon to use is, of course, your gathering tool, because you automatically start each match with this weapon. Simply select your favorite from your Locker and that’s it!

If you want to wield the power of a Kinetic Blade, you’ll need to find it in loot chests or as floor loot. We also found two displayed near the CRZ-8 character location, northwest of Mega City.

Keep an eye out for its purple glow to quickly spot a kinetic sword!

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Unlike your pickaxe, Kinetic Blade has two attack modes: Dash and Knockback Slash. Dash, as the name implies, launches you forward in an attacking motion with your sword. Knockback Slash, on the other hand, requires you to power up a bit before unleashing a powerful blow that propels you forward.

Running to the left and using the Knockback Slash to the right

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