Only someone with X-ray vision can find the number hidden among the dots in 7 seconds!

Optical illusion puzzles are made to trick us and change our perceptions. These puzzles are mind-blowing images and illustrations of objects, humans or numbers. Some of these illusory puzzles are so difficult that solving them seems seemingly impossible. And today we have a ‘seemingly unsolvable riddle’ ready for you. Scientists and researchers say that solving these types of puzzles can improve the coordination of your senses and subsequently improve your deduction and reasoning skills. Are you ready for the challenge and fun? Come on!

You are a good observer if you can see the snow leopard in the mountains within 8 seconds!

Find the number hidden between the dots.

Look at the image below.



You need to have hawk eyes to spot the cheetah hiding on the ground in 8 seconds!

The image above shows a circular formation made up of dots of different colors. The colored dots hide a number somewhere. Your task is to find out what number is hidden between the dots. You have 7 seconds to solve this strange optical illusion. So, go ahead and grab your watch. Your time starts now.

We believe that you will be able to solve this illusion puzzle with ease. What you should do is observe the image very carefully and look for a silhouette that resembles a number among the points.

Scroll down to find the solution when you run out of time.

Find the solution of the number hidden between the points.

The number 5 was hidden between the dots. You would have been able to see it if you were observant enough. Check out the solution to this optical illusion below:


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