GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid Payout explained

The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid in GTA Online reunites you with Vincent, who now works as an LSDP police officer at the Vespucci Beach station. Vincent needs your help to take down a cartel aided by the LSDP, and naturally, you’ll cause absolute chaos while you do it.

As with most story additions in GTA Online, Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid comes in several parts and you’ll need to complete the final mission ‘Crime Scene’ to receive payment. However, some decisions you make will affect the amount of money you get for your efforts.

But don’t worry, we’re here to explain the GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm raid payout.

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GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid Payout Explained

You will receive $500,000 for completing Cluckin’ Bell Far Raid in GTA Online. However, this is just the reward for the basic mission – you can also get another amount of cash depending on the difficulty you choose for the ending.

These are the rough estimates of the cash bonus you can get for each difficulty level of the Finale of Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid:

  • Easy: $250,000 (no bonus)
  • Regular: $312,000 (1.25 x GTA$ and RP)
  • Hard: $375,000 (1.5 x GTA$ and RP)

Overall, if you complete Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, you will earn between $750,000 and $875,000, depending on the difficulty you choose. This does not include the extra coins you can get from fallen enemies or by completing objectives within the preparation missions.

Plus, through Thursday, March 14, you can earn a $100,000 bonus for completing the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, as well as a stylish Cluckin’ Bell hat.

Gta online player with drill locker with cluckin bell outfit
Image credit: Eurogamer/Rockstar

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