Diamond or Pearl version differences for Go Tour Sinnoh in Pokémon Go explained

You will have to choose between the Diamond or Pearl version of the Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event in Pokémon Go.

This choice will determine a number of factors for your gameplay experience during this Pokémon Go event, such as which adventure effect will be easiest for you to obtain.

Below, we take a look at the differences between the Diamond and Pearl versions in Pokémon Go, along with which version will be best for you and how to choose between Diamond and Pearl.

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Diamond and Pearl version differences during Go Tour Sinnoh in Pokémon Go

Although not as prominent as previous Go Tour events, your decision between the Diamond and Pearl versions of Go Tour: Sinnoh Global will affect your experience at this Pokémon Go event.

By selecting the Diamond version, you will unlock:

Choosing the Pearl version unlocks:

  • Origin Forme Palkia captured in five-star raids Spacial Rend
  • Spacial Rend adventure effect lasts twice as long
  • Palkia Candy will be awarded in the Go Tour 2024 mission: It’s about time and space
  • pearl badge

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Thanks to rwaterbender on The Silph Road subreddit, we know that it’s possible to get an Origin Form that knows the opposite Adventure Effect of your version; If you chose the Diamond version, for example, you can capture san Origin Forme Palkia, who knows Spacial Rend. The downside, however, is that the drop rate for this Pokémon appears to be 15%, meaning one in six or one in eight.

This means that, unless you’re very lucky, you’ll have to fight and capture multiple versions of the Origin Form opposite your version to get the second Adventure Effect. That’s a lot of raid passes and money if you haven’t stocked up.

However, your version choice guarantees that the Origin Forme connected to it will have its adventure effect if you successfully catch it after a five-star raid: Pearl for Origin Forme Palkia and Diamond for Origin Forme Dialga. As Pokémon Go says in the game when you choose between versions, “all Dialga/Palkia origin forms captured after raids will know the Roar of Time/Space Tear attack.”

Image credit: Eurogamer/Niantic

How to choose between Diamond and Pearl in Pokémon Go

To choose between the Diamond and Pearl versions of the Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event in Pokémon Go, you must complete the first step of the Road to Sinnoh special research quest.

After doing so, you will be asked to select between the Diamond or Pearl version of the event. It’s important to remember that you can’t change your mind, so choose wisely.

Image credit: Niantic

We also recommend completing the Road to Sinnoh special research quest before Go Tour: Sinnoh Global begins in your region to ensure you can fully enjoy this event, as your choice between Diamond and Pearl affects some aspects of it, which are described in the previous section.

If you attended the Go Tour: Sinnoh Los Angeles event, your build choice will carry over to that event. This means that you cannot change your decision from Diamond to Pearl or vice versa.

The Season of Eternal Journeys in Pokémon Go comes to an end with the Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event. During this event, you can complete the mission Go Tour 2024: It’s About Time and Space, Legends 0486 and use the new adventure effects by capturing Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia. During it, take the time to try out Routes, Gift Exchange, and Party Play while you hunt for rare Pokémon, battle in Go Battle League, or compete in PokéStop Showcases.

Diamond or Pearl: Which version of Go Tour Sinnoh is better in Pokémon Go?

The answer to which is better (the Diamond or Pearl version of Go Tour: Sinnoh Global) depends on your personal preferences when it comes to adventure effects. (Sorry if this is an annoying answer, but it really is.)

This is because the choice of version primarily alters the ease with which you can obtain one of the adventure effects, with the added benefit of extending its duration. So if you choose the Diamond version, you will easily get the Roar of Time adventure effect after capturing an Origin Forme Dialga from a five-star raid, because this decision guarantees that every Origin Forme Dialga you capture in raids will know this attack. The same goes for Origin Forme Palkia if you choose the Pearl version.

Because of this, we recommend considering what you want to achieve during Go Tour: Sinnoh Global and whether you will use the Adventure effect outside of the event when choosing between Diamond and Pearl.

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If you want to focus on getting XP or use the daily adventure incense to search for the forms of the legendary bird of Galar, then Diamond is the version for you. Pearl, however, will suit you better if you focus on capturing as many Pokémon as possible for Go Battle League or completing Pokédex entries. Rural players may also find Spacial Rend’s spawn boost bonus especially useful!

Personally, I chose the Diamond version because Roar of Time could help me finally catch one of those annoying Galarian legendary bird forms. I mean, Galarian Articuno – I really want a Galarian Articuno, I love the design. I also admit that this decision was hastened by the fact that I chose Pokémon Diamond when the Nintendo DS games were originally released.

Good luck choosing between Diamond and Pearl!

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