Warzone Mercenary Vault locations and how to find Golden Keycards

Mercenary Vaults are a key part of Warzone Season 4 and the June 2022 Mercencaries of Fortune event.

Vaults are a staple of Warzone right now, and there are a few to find, giving you some extra loot – as long as you can locate a Gold Keycard first, of course.

Warzone is Warzone, remember you can always take other players’ loot…

Please note before you begin: the Mercenary Vaults are located in Caldera, and not on the new Fortune’s Keep map.

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How to open a mercenary vault in Warzone

Opening a mercenary vault in Warzone is a simple process:

  1. Find a golden key card
  2. Use the key card to open the vault

This is much simpler than previous vaults in Warzone, such as last year’s Nakatomi Plaza vault.

Finding a Golden Keycard and Mercenary Vault in Warzone

Since the Gold Card is the key to all of this, how can you find one?

How to get a gold keycard in Warzone

Vault keycards are obtained in two ways: by opening loot boxes or by defeating a player who has already acquired a keycard and looting their body.

Note: Gold Keycards only appear in Caldera and not in the new Fortune’s Keep map.

This is similar to how keycards were found when vaults were first introduced in Warzone in 2020; Essentially, it requires you to explore, open loot boxes, or win skirmishes against other players and hope they drop a keycard from their person.

Once you have a gold keycard, it’s time to head to one of the many mercenary vaults.

Warzone Mercenary Vault Locations

Once you have a gold keycard, it’s time to find a vault.

The Mercenary Vaults are located in Caldera, and not on the new Fortune’s Keep map.

Unlike previous Vaults, the process of finding them is much simpler. First, on the map, look for the orange circles scribbled at the top; You will find them at various points of interest.

Warzone Mercenary Vault Map
The orange circles, seen on the docks, the runway, between the dig site and the mines, east of the lagoon, the fields, the power plant, and the resort, are where you can find the mercenary vaults.

Then, within these, you must look for the Transit icon. These indicate the location of the Vault. Note: These icons will not be displayed until the game starts successfully.

You will find a trapdoor in these places.

Go down the ladder and search inside to find a locked door (the few we tried, they were to the left of where you enter) that requires access via a gold key card.

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Inside you will find a lot of extra loot. As with previous Vaults, another player may have already opened the Vault, so keep an eye out if that’s the case!

Please note that if you are specifically after completing the Mercenaries of Fortune event, you will need to open three Mercenary Vaults in total (in as many matches as necessary) to unlock the associated reward: the Fanged Assault Emblem.

Good luck with your search!

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