Sons of the Forest armor locations, recipes, and how to get the Golden Armor

There are different types of armor in Sons of the Forest, some offer more protection, while others increase your stealth capabilities.

Additionally, the Golden Armor provides the best protection against demons in Sons of the Forest, but is only really useful for story content.

Whether you need more protection, stealth, or want to see more of the island’s spooky history, we’ve detailed all the armor locations and recipes below, including how to get the Golden Armor.

Update: As part of Patch 2 on March 24, 2023, the location of Golden Armor has been changed, so we have updated the information below with its new location.

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Best Sons of the Forest armor explained

The armor you should equip depends on the type of combat situation you plan to engage in.

The best armor in Sons of the Forest for protection against cannibals is the Tech Armor, while the best armor for stealth is the Leaf Armor. However, both have their drawbacks: Tech Armor costs Printer Resin to make each piece and Leaf Armor offers terrible protection.

Because of these flaws, you may not necessarily want to use Tech Armor for protection or Leaf Armor for all your stealth needs. As a middle ground, Creepy Armor is better suited for damage protection, since you can get more pieces by killing cannibals.

Children of the Forest.

So for stealth, you might want to consider using the Bone Armor. It still gives you a stealth bonus, but offers much more protection, helping you survive if an enemy discovers you.

As for Hide Armor, it’s a fantastic set that can help you until you get Creepy Armor or Tech Armor.

Lastly, we do not recommend equipping the Golden Armor unless you are fighting demons, as it is only useful for that. This is necessary for story purposes, but at the time of writing, it is not necessary to explore other parts of the island.

Location of the Golden Armor of the Children of the Forest

To get the Golden Armor, you must first get the Rebreather.

The Golden Armor is located in a cave in the southwestern area of ​​the island, which is located beneath the snowy mountains, in a large lake that is connected to the lake with five rivers running from it.

You’ll know it’s the right cave if you see two corpses dressed in white outside its entrance, with a book found between them.

Use your ax to chop the wood at the cave entrance and then enter, but make sure you have the Rebreather, or you won’t get very far.

Inside the cave, enter the pool of water in the middle and swim down. You’ll pass some skeletons underwater and soon emerge on the other side. Then, continue walking to the back of the cave.

Go through the part where you slide down and eventually reach an area with what look like golden canoes.

Walk among the golden canoes and continue, where you will discover another underwater section, where you must turn left after seeing a golden structure underwater.

After exiting the underwater section where you see the golden structure, turn right, where you will see a corpse dressed in a space suit.

You’ll find the Golden Armor in the cavern just after this spacesuit corpse, attached to a skeleton sitting on a square golden structure.

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How to get spooky armor in Sons of the Forest

Creepy Armor is found on cannibalistic enemies, so you must kill them to collect Creepy Armor pieces.

Cannibals are often found in caves or in cannibal camps. The caves are marked on your GPS tracker, but the cannibal camps are not.

If you’re looking for the Creepy Armor in caves, we suggest bringing explosives, as it’s easier to kill a lot of enemies grouped together this way. You should also make sure you have good protection, like a gun or bow, and another set of armor, like Tech or Hide, if you can.

Before facing cannibals, it is always best to save your game beforehand and if they kill you, you can try to face them again without losing much progress.

How to get technological armor in Sons of the Forest

To get Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest, you must craft it.

Here’s what you need to create a piece of Tech Armor:

  • x1 battery
  • x1 circuit board
  • x1 Adhesive tape
  • x1 technical mesh
  • x1 cable

Batteries, circuit boards, duct tape, and cables are found in random containers or as loot inside bunkers and, more rarely, in caves.

The only way to get mechanical technology is to use a 3D printer and it costs 250 ml of printer resin.

There are other 3D printer locations, but we easily found one in a bunker on the west side, just northwest of the lake that has five rivers flowing into it.

Once you have all the resources needed to obtain Tech Armor, open your inventory with ‘I’ and place them all in the crafting section, then make a piece of Tech Armor.

How to get blade armor in Sons of the Forest

You also have to craft to get Leaf Armor in Sons of the Forest, but it’s the easiest armor to make.

All you need to create Leaf Armor is:

Cloth is found in places where people used to be, such as camps and bunkers, and you can obtain leaves by using your ax on the foliage found throughout the island.

How to get bone armor in Sons of the Forest

Like most sets, Bone Armor is also crafted.

Here’s what you need to make bone armor in Sons of the Forest:

  • x4 Bone
  • x1 Adhesive tape
  • x1 rope

We have a full explanation on how to get ropes, but generally, it will be in places where people used to be, like bunkers, camps, and caves. You can also find it in random containers and in cannibal camps.

Duct tape is also found in these places, but we have found it more by searching in containers.

Bones are sometimes found in caves or next to corpses, but the most common way to obtain bones is by burning corpses.

How to hide armor in Sons of the Forest

Lastly, we have leather armor, which is also obtained through crafting.

All you need to make Hide Armor is:

Cloth is found in places where people used to be, such as camps and bunkers, but you will have to kill and skin an animal to get a skin. Using weapons like a bow or spear can help you hunt wildlife if you want to conserve ammunition.

Good luck surviving Sons of the Forest!

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