Resident Evil 4 avoid Dungeon boss strategy and how to beat the Garrador

Leon has an unfortunate encounter with a Garrador in the castle dungeon area during Chapter 7 in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and you must defeat this dungeon boss or run away from him to advance the story.

The Garrador may not be able to see you, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy fight, as its long claws can kill Leon almost instantly on harder difficulties if you get caught between hits. However, there is a way to avoid the fight if you prefer to save ammo!

To help you get out of the dungeons, we have detailed how to avoid the Garrador Dungeon boss and the best strategy to beat the Garrador Dungeon boss if you want to face him in Resident Evil 4.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4, so the exact boss strategy may not be the same in the original version.

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How to avoid the dungeon boss Garrador in Resident Evil 4

You don’t actually have to fight the Garrador boss in the dungeon if you don’t want to! You’ll miss out on a treasure of Red Beryl, but you’ll save a lot of ammo, as it’s a huge bullet sponge and can eat into your knife’s durability.

To avoid the fight with Garrador in the Dungeons, take him to the door by making noise near it (hitting the hanging chains should be enough), then take Garrador back to his cell. All you have to do now is run back to the door and you should have enough time to turn the handle and open it before Garrador catches up to you.

If you find you don’t have enough time, try using a flash grenade when he’s in the cell to immobilize the Garrador while you run away. Or, if you don’t have a flash grenade or the resources to make one, hit it on the cell to play the wounded or attack animation, then run to use the crank.

If you want that Red Beryl, or the satisfaction of beating him, we also have a strategy on how to beat the Garrador in the dungeons below.

Our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough can help you through the village with guides on the Big and Little Cave Shrine puzzle solutions, the Church dial puzzle, and the Del Lago, El Gigante, and Mendez bosses. When you reach the castle, you’ll need to tackle the correct timing puzzles of the Treasure Sword, the Four Slotted Wall, the Dining Room Bell, and the Grandfather Clock, along with the Garrador Dungeon, Two Giants, and Ramon Salazar’s bosses. The island is next, and there are still puzzles with calibration puzzles, keycard locations, and a hidden wrench, along with final bosses Krauser and Sadler.

How to beat the dungeon boss Garrador in Resident Evil 4

If you decide to take him on, the three most important things you need to do to beat the Garrador Dungeon boss in Resident Evil 4 are:

  • Stay crouched as often as possible
  • Don’t touch the chains hanging from the ceiling.
  • It only hit Garrador’s back.

Your strategy as the Dungeon Garrador boss should be to stay as quiet as possible by crouching and not touching the hanging chains, and knife or shoot him in the back, whether the parasite is there or not, as the damage will eventually take out the parasite.

If your knife has good durability or you have a lot of spare knives, then the quickest way to kill the Garrador is to hide behind it and use your knife stealth attack.

If you use weapons, can It hits the front of the Garrador, but we find that it doesn’t do that much damage and you’re not in a good position to shoot the parasite when it appears.

We managed to kill the Garrador on Standard difficulty with 18 shots from the normal shotgun at power level 3. The TMP might be better here if you have spare ammo (which we didn’t), as its fast rate of fire always comes in handy . when faced with anything that has a parasite.

Whatever weapon you use, keep in mind that the Garrador is a big bullet sponge. You may be able to get more ammo by breaking the white canisters around the room, but what’s inside them is random.

If the Garrador sees you, we recommend running behind the wooden dividers. They’ll act as a shield while the boss swings those deadly claws, and you’ll be able to crouch again from here.

Our last tip is to stop if you can! If there is no way to escape an incoming attack, a parry can save a lot of health or your life.

When you defeat the Garrador, you’ll get a nice Red Beryl for your troubles, which you can sell on its own or insert into treasures to increase its selling price.

Good luck facing the Garrador in the dungeons!

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