How to get Bounsweet and evolution Tsareena in Pokémon Go

Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena are three Generation 7 Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Go during the Spring 2023 Season of Rising Heroes.

Released as part of Pokémon Go’s Sustainability Week celebration, these Grass-type Pokémon join Tropius in the fruit-inspired world of Pokémon. Normally we’d point to Applin as the obvious comparison, but that’s not in Pokémon Go yet, meaning we’ll have to wait a little longer to see the strange apple pie-like evolution.

Returning to Bounsweet, fortunately, the steps to turn Steenee into Tsarina in Pokémon Go are much simpler than in the main series game. Below you will learn how to get Bounsweet and turn it into Tsareena in Pokémon Go.

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How to get Bounsweet in Pokémon Go

Bounsweet, Steenee and Tsareena, their evolutions, made their first appearance in Pokémon Go on Thursday, April 20 at the start of the Sustainability Week 2023 event.

Here’s how to catch Bounsweet during the Spring into Spring event:


  • In the wild: Bounsweet will appear as a rare spawn during the event.
  • In Timed Research: During the event, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Timed Research that rewards you with Drilbur, Trubbish, and Bounsweet. The key word here is “timed” – make sure you claim your rewards before the event ends or you will lose your rewards.
  • 7km Eggs: Cherubi, Drilbur, and Bounsweet will be available in 7km eggs collected during the Sustainability Week event. As with all eggs, the Pokémon you can hatch from them are locked at the time of collection, so don’t worry if you can’t hatch them all during the event!

While the 7km eggs may surprise some readers, especially those who thought they were in 2km eggs, the confusion stems from Niantic’s famous direct communications… See the Tweet below for clarification. It’s a shame that Niantic didn’t deliver on the 2km they originally promised, so no, it’s not a surprise either. Remember, 7 km eggs; Not 2 km eggs.

Coaches, there was an error in the information on the Sustainability Week blog about eggs. We had previously said that certain Pokémon would hatch from 2 km eggs obtained during the event. The correct information is that it will be born from “7 km eggs”. (Continued)

— Niantic Support (@NianticHelp) April 18, 2023
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Since Bounsweet is a rare spawn, the easiest way to find one is through timed research tasks. However, if you’re looking for a perfect Bounsweet to evolve into a perfect Tsareena, be sure to lace up your boots and start clearing your egg stash. Remember: if you are trying to clean out your egg supply, No Spin PokéStops while collecting an egg. We all do it, and we’ll probably forget about it and stop before facepalming when we see that we caught a 10km egg, just like last time…


It’s also important to remember that Bounsweet shares the egg pool with two other Pokémon, and there is no reduced hatching distance bonus for eggs placed in incubators during the event, so you are not guaranteed to get a Bounsweet during the event if You rely only on eggs. Or, to put it in Pokémon Go terms, don’t put all your eggs in an incubator.

There has been no official suggestion that Bounsweet or Tsareena are raiding in Pokémon Go. However, since they are both Mono-Grass types, if you have the chance to attack them, it’s a great opportunity to get a high IV Pokémon!

We highly recommend catching Bounsweet during the Spring through Spring 2023 event because, as of this writing, we don’t know what her spawn rate will be once the event ends. There’s a chance that, like other recently released Pokémon, it will be difficult to find after the event ends, so it’s worth adding it to your Pokédex when you get the chance.

How to evolve Bounsweet into Tsareena in Pokémon Go

To evolve Bounsweet into Tsareena in Pokémon Go, you must collect 125 Bounsweet Candy. You will need 25 to turn Bounsweet into Steenee and the rest to turn Steenee into Tsareena. This is great news, considering this is a special evolution in the main series games, where Bounsweet evolves into Steenee from level 18, which then evolves into Tsareena when she levels up and knows Stomp.

Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena are all Grass-type Pokémon. (Image credit:

If you’re focusing on finding Bounsweet in the wild, we recommend using a Pinap Berry when trying to catch it to double your candy catch.

Finally, if you finish the event without candy, you can make Bounsweet your Pokémon partner and earn candy as you walk around the world with your new friend!

Bounsweet is jumping into Pokémon Go. (Image credit:

CP Bounsweet in Pokémon Go

Bounsweet will have the following CP ranges in Pokémon Go:

  • Bounsweet Max CP – 532 CP
  • Normal CP range for Bounsweet as a research reward: 178 to 201 CP
  • Normal CP range to catch Bounsweet: 271 to 403 CP
  • CP improved by weather (sunny) to catch Bounsweet: 321 to 437 CP

The Season of Adventure Abundance is here! Their first event is A Paldean Adventure, which sees the true release of Gen 9 and the special research mission A Paldean Adventure. You can also work on the Timed Investigation: Master Ball mission and compete in the Go Battle League. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for a chance to encounter Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. This incense can also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Bounsweet move set in Pokémon Go

When it comes to Bounsweet’s best moveset in Pokémon Go, we recommend Razor Leaf for the fast move and Draining Kiss as the charged move. Meanwhile, Tsareena prefers Grass Knot as a charged move.


Here is Bounsweet’s full moveset in Pokémon Go:

Possible quick moves:

  • Charm (Fairy)
  • Razor blade (grass)

Possible charged moves:

  • Draining Kiss (Fairy)
  • Energy ball (grass)

Unfortunately, there are no Go Battle League (PVP) implications for this Pokémon. All in all, these are poor stats with a disappointing moveset. The same goes for Raids (PVE): it’s basically just Roserade, which is perfectly fine, but it’s not Kartana by any means. Still, this is a chance to add some new Pokémon to your Pokédex, so we’re eager to get out there and compete to see who can reach 125 Bounsweet candies first.

Good luck catching Bounsweet in Pokémon Go!

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