Pokémon Go Mega Aerodactyl counters and weaknesses explained

Mega Aerodactyl is the mega evolution of Aerodactyl that was released in Pokémon Go as part of the Mountains of Power event that runs until January 2022.

To get Mega Aerodactyl, you must defeat the Pokémon in Mega Raids to collect its specific Mega Energy. Once you have the right amount, you can evolve it for a short time.

Below you’ll find Mega Aerodactyl’s counterattacks and weaknesses to help you defeat it, and don’t forget, Remote Raid Passes let you join Mega Raids around the world.

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Cons and weaknesses of Mega Aerodactyl in Pokémon Go

If you want to Mega Evolve Aerodactyl in Pokémon Go, you must collect its Mega Energy by defeating Mega Aerodactyl in several raids. Below you will find Mega Aerodactyl’s counters and weaknesses that will help you contribute in these battles:

  • Mega Aerodactyl type: rock and flying type
  • Mega Aerodactyl is weak against Electric, Ice, Rock, Steel, and Water types.
  • Mega Aerodactyl Counters: Raikou, Swampert (or Mega Swampert), Metagross (or Mega Metagross), Kyogre (Primal Kyogre works well here), Xurkitree, Rhyperior, Mega Blastoise, Terrakion, and Zekrom.
  • Mega Aerodactyl Resistances: Normal, Flying, Rock, Poison, Fire
  • Other Mega Aerodactyl Notes: For non-legendary Pokémon, it’s a good idea to use an Elite MT to ensure they have a set of powerful attacks.

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Mega Aerodactyl CP in Pokémon Go

Here you will find the CP of the Mega Aerodactyl raid boss in Pokémon Go:

  • Mega Aerodactyl CP – 43686

Winning this raid will reward you with Mega Aerodactyl Energy instead of an Aerodactyl encounter, which is why Mega Aerodactyl does not have capture-related CP levels for mega raids.

Everything we know about Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl is a Gen 1 Pokémon that, in the main Pokémon games, is often obtained by reviving a piece of Old Amber in certain laboratories scattered throughout the Pokémon world.

However, the Aerodactyl you receive is not the Pokémon in its true form. If you want to see what Aerodactyl looked like in the prehistoric era, you need to perform its mega evolution. Doing so will sprout rocks all over Aerodactyl’s body, emphasizing its draconic appearance.

Aerodactyl is inspired by both dragons and a type of dinosaur known as pterosaurs. Paleontologists would later look to Aerodactyl for inspiration to name a genus of pterosaur: Aerodactylus.

Good luck fighting Mega Aerodactyl!

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