Pokémon Go Love Cup best team recommendations, restrictions and 2023 dates

Love is in the air, as John Paul Young sang, which means the Cup of Love is back in the world of Pokémon Go.

As with other Go Battle League seasonal cups in Pokémon Go, the Love Cup comes with a set of interesting team-building restrictions. So if you want to know if you have love in Go Battle League, now is the time to start looking for the best Love Cup team in Pokémon Go.

These cups tend to follow two broad limitations: CP and typing. This means forming a team that not only meets the CP limit, but also adheres to a set of rules, such as sticking to a single type or color. This time, only red or pink Pokémon up to CP 2500 are allowed.

Our Pokémon Go Love Cup recommendations, from Charizard to Alomomola

The best thing about the 1500 CP cap is, of course, the low cost of entry in terms of Candy and Stardust. Of course, if there’s an overlap between the Love Cup and your Great League team (if you run a Charizard, for example), you can get away with spending fewer resources to be competitive.


But the problem here is not the CP limit: the question is how do you choose the best Pokémon to beat the other Pokémon, when your only selector is color? In this case, which Pokémon Red and Pink will beat all the other Pokémon Red and Pink?

Simply put, you simply need to know which Pokémon stand out in this CP pool and then filter them by color. This is not an easy task, but don’t worry because the hard work is already done for you.

The trick will be to choose three Pokémon that cover each other’s weaknesses. Fire-type Pokémon tend to have a certain amount of red in their color palette. However, a lot of Water-type Pokémon are pink, so if you go with just one type, you might be discouraged.

It’s also worth noting that thanks to the lowered CP cap, there are no legendary Pokémon you can consider at the top of the meta. Again, this helps keep the cost of entry down, making it more accessible to the community at large.

Remember, while there are specific Pokémon that dominate this meta, with the Go Battle League (and player vs. player battles in general) you’ll be blindsided; So even if you cover yourself with a wide range of offensive and defensive options, no team is invincible.

Still, even with some of the following Pokémon on your team, you should be able to get better results than if you selected those that came as close to the 1500 CP limit as possible.

Our Pokémon Go Love Cup recommendations in order of the National Pokédex are:


Type: Fire/Flying Perfect IVs: 00/15/13 Charizard Weakness: Rock, Electric, and Water Recommended Moves: Wing Attack (Fast Community Day), Explosive Burn (Charged Community Day), Dragon Claw (Charged)

Fan favorite Charizard puts in an impressive performance in Love Cup, thanks to it being an excellent Pokémon first and foremost, but also thanks to the fiery red parts on its tail. Apparently, that’s red enough to count, even though Charizard is clearly an orange Pokémon…

The problem, of course, is its weakness to Water types. While you can expect wins against Scrafty, Medicham, Wigglytuff, and Ariados, you can expect losses against Milotic, Alomomola, Seaking, and even Magcargo, thanks to the Rock-type weakness. Also, be careful with Electrode: Charizard has the upper hand against Kantonian Electrode, but the Hisuian form will quickly defeat everyone’s favorite honorary dragon.


Type: Normal Perfect IVs: 8/14/15 Recommended Moves: Lick (Fast), Body Slam (Charged Community Day), Power Whip (Charged) Lickitung Weaknesses: Fighting

If you are looking for a tank, Lickitung is the way to go. It’s a ridiculously bulky Pokémon that can take more than its share of hits, especially when you consider that you can reach level 50 (CP 1499) and still be eligible. If you can get your Lickitung up this level, you’ll be looking at one of the best Pokémon in the meta.

As always, all Pokémon have drawbacks, and in this case it’s the low shield pressure you apply with Lickitung: Lick is a frustratingly slow charge, even when you’re trying to get something as cheap as Body Slam.

So expect wins against Slowbro, Ariados, Alomomola, Druddigon, and Electrode, but don’t be surprised when, despite all that bulk, you lose to Scrafty, Medicham, Magcargo, Charizard, or Seaking.


Type: Water Perfect IVs: 00/14/14 Sea Weakness: Electric and Grass Recommended Moves: Poison Jab (Community Day Fast), Freezing Wind (Charged Community Day), Drill (Community Day with post)

It is an expensive Pokémon in terms of MT Elite… Still, if you like the look of Seaking in Love Cup, it is a very good choice, thanks to the fact that it is a flexible and dynamic Pokémon. The problem is that you can’t treat it like a Water type in terms of attacks.

Poison Jab is simply excellent. Icy Wind comes with a guaranteed attack debuff for the opponent, and Drill Run just deals a ton of damage. While none of this is STAB, as none of them are Water-type attacks, Seaking offers great coverage against a wide range of Pokémon.

This means wins against Milotic, Magcargo, Alomomola, Wigglytuff and Slowbro. Meanwhile, Electrode, Medicham, Crustle, Ariados and Scrafty will make you beat, be careful, the wild card doesn’t always win!


Type: Insect/Poison Perfect IV: 00/14/14 Ariados Weakness: Electric and Grass Recommended Moves: Poison Sting (Fast), Cross Poison (Charged), Lunge (Charged)

Ariados is a fantastic pick for this cup, thanks to it being a dynamic, spammy Pokémon that really puts pressure on the shield, thanks to fast-charging Poison Sting that leads into cheap but effective Cross Poison or Lunge.

Both give STAB, but the former has a 12.5% ​​chance to increase your attack by two stages, while the latter guarantees to reduce the opponent’s attack by one stage. Either way, you have two good options.

In terms of matchups, this translates to wins against Medicham, Wigglytuff, Scrafty, Alomomola, and Electrode. Meanwhile, Crustle, Magcargo, Charizard, Druddigon, and Lickitung will easily defeat you, so make sure you know when to switch.


Type: Fighting/Psychic Perfect IVs: 05/15/15 Recommended Moves: Counter (Fast), Psychic (Charged), Power Punch (Charged) Medicham Weaknesses: Fairy, Flying, and Ghost

Medicham once again sits at the top of the meta, thanks to its psychic typing, giving it an advantage over the poisonous types that have made it to the Love Cup.

Counter is simply excellent, and Power-Up Punch allows you to quickly gain momentum as you sweep the floor with this bulky, spammy Pokémon. There are problems, of course, which come in the form of a weakness towards Fairy, Flying, and Ghost-type Pokémon.

This means you need to know when to retreat: Clefable, Charizard, Ariados, Wigglytuff, and Slowbro will defeat you, so avoid them if you can. However, you can pick up some easy wins against the likes of Magcargo, Scrafty, Milotic, and Electrode, with Alomomola being a close win in a fair fight.


Type: Dark/Fighting Perfect IVs: 05/15/15 Recommended Moves: Counterattack (Fast), Foul Play (Charged), Power Punch (Charged) Cunning Weaknesses: Fairy, Flying, and Ghost

In many ways, Scrafty is very similar to Medicham. Both are excellent, sharing two of the three recommended moves, and both are weak against Flying and Fairy; the difference is that Scrafty is twice weak against Fairy and changes Ghost’s weakness to Fighting’s weakness, which is a bigger problem. in the Love Cup.

Still, it’s a very bulky and spammy Pokémon for the same reasons, and it also follows an almost identical play pattern.

So again, this means you need to know when to hide: your wins are mostly the same as Medicham: Magcargo, Scrafty, Milotic, and Electrode, but this time you lose to Wigglytuff, Charizard, Medicham, Ariados, and Talonflame.


Type: Water Perfect IVs: 00/15/11 Recommended Moves: Waterfall (Fast) / Psychic (Charged), Hydraulic Pump (Charged) Alomomola Weaknesses: Electric/Grass

Alomomola, the decent heart-shaped Pokémon, unsurprisingly appears on our Love Cup recommendation list: it’s a great pick that even looks good.

Unfortunately, high volume leads to low velocity and, in this case, also low shield pressure. Waterfall hits hard as a fast move, but Psychic and Hydro Pump take a while to build up. Unfortunately, the fish is not as agile as it seems.

As long as you keep this in mind, you can expect victories against Fire types, Clefable, Wigglytuff, and even Milotic. Unfortunately, your losses will come in the form of Druddigon, Electrode, Scrafty, Ariados, and Medicham.


Type: Grass Perfect IVs: 0/15/15 Recommended Moves: Fury Cutter (Fast) / Leaf Blade (Charged), Super Power (Charged) Lurantis Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison

Lurantis is an interesting choice for the Love Cup. While it has notable weaknesses against Fire, Flying (ouch, Charizard), and Poison, all of which litter this meta, it has the advantage of being excellent against Water-types. If you’re looking for a third Pokémon to complete your team, Lurantis may be the one.

While, as a Grass-type, it’s not as bulky as some of the other Pokémon on this list, it brings a lot to the table: specifically, spam, agility, and shield pressure. A lot of shield pressure.

Fury Cutter has a fast charge, meaning you can get to your Leaf Blade very quickly, removing shields like they were wet paper. If you find yourself cornered, you have a superpower like Hail Mary, but know that this will lower your attack and defense by one level each. This is great against normal guys running around.

As for matchups, this means wins against Water, as well as Electrode, Scrafty, and even Magcargo. The losses come from Charizard (obviously), the bug types Ariados and Crustle, Medicham and Druddigon.

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