Prove you have a keen eye for detail by finding 5 mistakes at the farm in under 10 seconds!

We return with another riddle. This picture puzzle will test how well you can spot the details! Your mission is to find five sneaky bugs cleverly hidden within the image. Solving brain puzzles is one of the best ways to sharpen your senses and improve your attention span. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Let us begin.

Only someone with a high IQ can detect the error in the desert image within 4 seconds!

Find 5 bugs in 10 seconds

Let’s take a look at the puzzle image below.


Source: Cool Side

The image above shows the interior of a farm. There is a man working on the farm, there is a haystack next to him and several animals around him. Now, look closely at the image. There are 5 errors you must find. You have 10 seconds to detect errors in the image. So, set your timers and get started. Your time starts now. All the best.

This puzzle is a great way to test how good your attention to detail is. Look at the image carefully, only then you will be able to detect all the errors in the image.

The clock is ticking. How many bugs have you found so far? One? Three? Or all five? If you were able to spot all the mistakes, then you have a good eye for detail.

Hurry up. Your time will soon run out. The solution to this brain puzzle is provided below. Scroll down to see it.

People with 4K vision can spot the polar bear hidden in the frozen image within 8 seconds!

Puzzle solution

You were asked to find five bugs on the farm in this picture puzzle in 10 seconds. If you were able to find them all within the time limit, congratulations. Here is the solution:


Source: Cool Side

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