Modern Warfare 2 SP-R 208 loadout, best class build and how to unlock the SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 in Modern Warfare 2 is one of the first options players have if they are looking for a play style based on hiding from enemies and shooting them from afar.

While players can use the quick scope with this rifle in Modern Warfare 2, the SP-R 208 is not the best option for this.

It’s a consistent marksman rifle for players who want to get the hang of aiming with scopes and what makes a spot safe.

So, to prepare you to become a silent and deadly shooter using this weapon, we prepared this explainer that covers the best loadout of the SP-R 208, from accessories, perks and equipment, as well as how to unlock the SP-R 208.

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How to unlock the SP-R 208 in Modern Warfare 2

The SP-R 208 is a good gun for situations where you are aiming at longer ranges.

If you want to unlock the SP-R 208, you must reach Player Rank 7 by gaining experience by playing matches and completing daily missions.

Our explanation on how to level up quickly can help you if you want to find a way to quickly advance through the ranks.

This weapon is one of the first weapons you unlock, which is useful considering that you will need to level up in case you want to have other marksman rifles in your arsenal, such as the SP-X 80.

Modern Warfare 2 SP-R 208 best equipment and accessories

These are the best loadouts and accessories for Modern Warfare 2 SP-R 208:

  • Muzzle: Polarfire-S
  • Barrel: 22.5″ Elevate-11
  • Optics: SP-X 80 6.6X
  • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt
  • Magazine: 10 round magazine

As a marksman rifle, the SP-R 208 is ideal for hitting targets at long range while also being capable of rapid, consecutive shots, qualities that these accessories enhance.

The Polarfire-S makes aiming easier because it increases the smoothness of the recoil and also increases the speed of the bullet. At the same time, the 22.5″ Elevate-11 cannon works in the same direction adding damage range as well.

Having a good scope is key to avoid too much exposure while searching for enemies that we may have using the SP-X 80 6.6X.

FSS ST87 Bolt increases the chamber speed of the weapon, which is useful when you need to finish off an enemy that hasn’t fallen after the first shot.

Considering that it may take one or two shots to take down an enemy, having the 10 Round Mag gives you less chance of running out of bullets.

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Modern Warfare 2 SP-R 205, best-in-class build, perks and loadout

Our picks for the best Modern Warfare 2 SP-R 205 secondary loadouts, perks, and loadouts are:

  • Core Benefit 1: Hype
  • Basic benefit 2: double time
  • Additional benefit: replenishment or concentration
  • Max Profit: Phantom
  • Secondary: Kastov 762 or Expedite 12
  • Tactic: Tear gas
  • Lethal: proximity mine
  • Field Upgrade: Ammo Box and Tactical Insert

If the accessories were chosen to improve the efficiency of the SP-R 208, this build is structured to compensate for the problems one might face when using this weapon.

As a first basic perk, Overkill allows you to carry another primary weapon as a secondary weapon so that you are better prepared for close-range combat situations.

Double Time helps you stay alive by increasing your Tactical Sprint and making it easier to change positions.

For your added benefit, you can opt for Resupply, which replenishes your lethal equipment, so you always have a proximity mine to use when you find a new place to aim from. Or you may prefer to use Focus in case you need help aiming.

The Ghost max buff is a great option for this playstyle based on finding a good spot to take down enemies. This perk hides you from enemy UAVs, man-portable radars, and heartbeat sensors.

Which weapon you use as a secondary depends on what you prefer, but it’s nice to have a weapon with the potential to deal a lot of damage to close-range enemies. The Kastov 762 assault rifle or the Expedite 12 shotgun are excellent options.

Throwing tear gas into an enemy’s path is a simple way to make them easier to hit. On the other hand, Proximity Mines work as a defensive tool, since you can protect your back by placing them near the entrances to where you are.

As you upgrade your field, running Munitions Box and Tactical Insertion will improve your experience.

The former helps you with more ammo in case you stay in the same spot too long without dying, while the latter allows you to respawn at a specific position, a good thing when you get hit after finding a really good spot.

Do you want to try something else after updating the SP-R 205? Our explanation of the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2 can help.

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