How to use a Charged TM in Pokémon Go

Charged TM in Pokémon Go is an item related to a creature’s movements.

Introduced with the first raids in 2017, these allow you to change your Pokémon’s moves or, more specifically, “recast” your Pokémon’s moves, as it is decided randomly when you use one.

It’s seen renewed interest with the approach of the final day of Go Fest 2022, with the second step of the Willow’s Return special research asking players to use one.

How to use a loaded TM in Pokémon Go (without audio)

How to use a charged TM in Pokémon Go

There are two ways to use a charged TM in Pokémon Go, and both have the same result: changing the Pokémon’s charged move.

The first method is to open your Articles, scroll down to Charged TM and select. Now choose the Pokémon you want to change the charged move to and you will be asked to confirm the action.

The second method is when you look at a Pokémon you have in your possession, press the menu button in the bottom right corner and then select Items. Now choose Charged TM and you will be asked to confirm the action.

As mentioned, a Charged TM will “recast” your Charged move to a random one within that Pokémon’s available moveset.

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How to get a charged TM in Pokémon Go

Charged TMs can be obtained through various means, but are mostly rewards for winning raids and participating in the Go Battle League.

If you are playing as part of the final day of Go Fest 2022 and need to use one for the Willow’s Return special research, know that you will receive a charged MT as a reward for completing the “Boost Pokémon 3 times” step.

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