How to solve Search Party: Puzzling Park in Mario Wonder

The search party missions in Super Mario Bros. Wonder ask you to find five Wonder Tokens to reveal a Wonder Seed, essential for unlocking new areas. Puzzling Park in World 2 is particularly tricky, involving hidden platforms, a Wonder token hidden at the back of the stage, and a sneaky drop that looks like it should be fatal.

The level is faster if you can invite some friends to help you, but it’s perfectly doable solo. We recommend playing as Toad for his ability to see a particularly evil hidden block at the end of the level. The Wall-Climb Jump badge also comes in handy. Before we get there, let’s open our guide to find every Wonder Token in Puzzling Park with the easiest Token of all.

Yellow Toad hits hidden platforms to reach a reward in the Puzzling Park level in Super Mario Bros Wonder
Jump across the bridge to reveal two hidden platforms and collect your reward at the top. | Image credit: Eurogamer, Nintendo.

How to get every Wonder Token and Wonder Seed in Puzzling Park

In the first open space you come across, on top of the wooden bridge, jump to reveal a series of hidden blocks. Jump to the newly revealed platform and jump again a few times to reveal three more blocks. Go to the upper level to get your first Wonder Token.

Then, head to the platform below the yellow pipe that drops mushrooms in the level.

Toad prepares to jump up into a pipe in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Toad finds an object hidden at the bottom of Puzzling Park in Super Mario Bros Wonder
Jump towards this pipe and reappear at the bottom of the level: tada! | Image credit: Eurogamer, Nintendo.

Once you’ve eaten a mushroom to become powerful (and saved another for later), jump towards the pipe. You will come out at the bottom, in the upper right part of the level. Head right to grab the Wonder Token there and then head back through the pipe to return to the foreground.

So far, so good. The next one is also easy if you know where the hidden block is. Head right to the right edge of the level and drop down to one of the small platforms. Pressing against the right wall, jump to hit a block and reveal a vertical vine. Climb the vine and jump to the right to get the next Wonder Token.

Toad hits a hidden block to release a vertical vine in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Toad climbs a vine to reach a Puzzling Park reward in Super Mario Wonder
It took us a long time to finally find this invisible vine block, but it’s worth it to get a delicious Wonder Seed. | Image credit: Eurogamer, Nintendo.

It’s time for a leap of faith. At the bottom right of the level you’ll find a drop that looks like it should be fatal, but it isn’t. In our experience with Mario Wonder so far, the black shading on the bottom of a blob seems to indicate that it is fatal. In this case there are no shadows, so jump down – the wall slides down to look fancier, of course!

Collect another Wonder Token and head left through the pipe to return to the top of the level.

Toad prepares to jump into a tunnel to get a hidden reward in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Toad slides through a tunnel to find a hidden object in Super Mario Bros Wonder
Toad shows no fear and boldly claims the fourth wonder token. | Image credit: Eurogamer, Nintendo.

We have left the most complicated for last. On the second level, between a gap in the yellow pipes, there is a block that Toad can see. It’s easy to spot if you jump around the area shown below, but the hard part is getting there.

We ended up equipping the Wall-Climb Jump badge and jumping off the high pipe to the right of the block. If you do it right, you can climb the wall up to the block and double tap down to slam it into the ground. Doing so will reveal the final Wonder Token to your left.

Toad stands on top of a hidden block to reveal the final Puzzling Park reward in Super Mario Bros Wonder.
Congratulations! | Image credit: Eurogamer, Nintendo.

With all the Wonder Tokens collected, the Wonder Seed will appear at the beginning of the level. Head left and jump up to claim your well-earned prize!

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