How to get a chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16

You can still get a chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16 despite its darker and more mature story.

Riding a chocobo will make traversing the large open field maps considerably faster once Final Fantasy 16 opens up later in the story. And while you’ll have fun with the real-time combat, sometimes you’ll just want to rush past them to focus on reaching a side quest marker or hunting objective.

So how do you ride a chocobo? It’s not something you can do early in the game (in fact, you might be surprised to learn that you’ll be able to fight wild chocobos before then), but you won’t be riding just any chocobo. Instead, it will be Clive’s white chocobo Ambrosia, who you’ll remember seeing in the prologue.

This guide will explain how to collect Ambrosia and unlock the ability to ride a chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16.

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How to unlock a chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16

To unlock the chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16, you will first need to have played through the story time skip where you will have a main scenario quest called ‘The Gathering Storm’, which will take you to Martha’s Rest.

Fortunately, here you will also find a new side quest called ‘The White-Winged Wonder’. The quest giver is Rowan, traveling merchant, who you may recognize from a previous quest called “What a Bird Wants.” He can be found southeast of town next to the bridge next to a chocobo.

You’ll also notice that the green icon above his head has a plus symbol instead of the usual exclamation point. You’ll want to pay attention to these quests in the future, because they indicate that completing them will unlock a new feature or upgrade.

Talk to Rowan and he will tell you about sightings of a mysterious chocobo under the name Whiteheart who has been protecting other wild chocobos from bandits. Accept this quest and you’ll basically investigate this sighting for yourself.

Leave Martha’s Rest and follow the quest marker south, while collecting signs, first from a white feather and then from bandit bodies after a skirmish, presumably with this feathered vigilante.

Finally, the quest marker will take you to the southwest of the map, near a place called Crooked Nash’s Pier. Here you will find a flock of chocobos, led by a white chocobo, cornered by a group of poachers.

After a cutscene, intervene and deal with the poachers. There are many of them but, with your Eikon skills, you can solve them quickly. Once we’ve dealt with them, another wave of enemies will appear: a pack of harrier dogs and a huge hunter with an axe.

The hunter is a little tougher since he also has a will gauge, but this is not something that should affect you at this time. Just watch out for his big ax swings and use Garuda’s Tower Gambit to counter him and stagger him.

Once the fight is over, Clive will approach the white chocobo before noticing an injury on its left eye confirming that it really is your former chocobo Ambrosia. What a moving reunion!

Rowan appears shortly after and makes a custom course that will allow you to ride Ambrosia once again. Additionally, you will receive 250 XP, 20 Renown Points, and 60 Sharp Fang Materials. You can now also see Ambrosia’s Tack as a collectible in Clive’s Chambers at the Hideaway.

How to ride chocobos in Final Fantasy 16

Now that you’ve unlocked chocobo mounts in Final Fantasy 16, here’s how you can use them during your journey in Valisthea.

While Ambrosia reunites with Clive, she actually remains in the wild with her flock. The good news is that this means you can summon her by holding R3 wherever you are in an open field area and she will magically appear near it, while you press X next to her to ride. Since she travels with her herd, this conveniently also means that any party members who accompany him will also have a chocobo to ride.

You can dismount by holding R3, which will usually result in Ambrosia disappearing immediately, so you’ll have to hold R3 to summon her again. There are also points where Clive will automatically dismount, either because it’s a story mission, you’ve encountered a target monster for a hunt, or you’ve reached a location where he’ll tell you he can walk from there. You also cannot summon Ambrosia while in the area of ​​a village such as Martha’s Rest or Lostwing.

While riding Ambrosia, you can hold R2 to speed up the ride while galloping, or use L2 to brake and slow down. However, the main benefit of using a chocobo mount is traversing open fields at a faster pace, which also means you can avoid a lot of combat. Be sure to gallop past the enemies, as some may catch up to you and knock Clive off his mount!

Although the prompts aren’t shown on screen, you can press Again, it reinforces that the mounts are primarily for fast rides.

Enjoy riding your chocobo in Valisthea!

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