How to get into the Kloros Guild in Forspoken

The Kloros Guild in Forspoken is one you will encounter when you first venture into Praenost. At this point, you should keep in mind that guilds offer extremely valuable rewards that make them worth exploring.

However, when you first encounter this Forspoken Guild, you may have trouble entering. There is a reason for this and you need to have something very specific to do it. We will show you how to enter the Kloros Guild in Forspoken and how to complete it.

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How to enter the Kloros Guild in Forspoken

In order to enter the Kloros Guild, you must have defeated Tanta Sila and obtained the ‘Zip’ skill.

Once you have the ‘Zip’ ability, return to the Kloros Guild and stand in front of it so that the tower is on the right side of your screen:

Forspoken Kloros Guild Rock Pile Climb Step 1

Then, all you need to do is use your ‘Zip’ ability to climb up the shorter rock formation. You can also get to this first rock using magic parkour, although it’s much easier to use ‘Zip’.

Note: As you begin climbing the rock formations to enter the guild, you will notice that you will be weaving in and out of the storm surrounding the tower. Don’t worry about this, just keep going up.

Once you are on the shorter rock, look towards the next rock formation on your left. It’s a bit higher and again, use ‘Zip’ to get there.

Forspoken Kloros Guild Rock Pile Climb Step 2

From this rock, look slightly to your right and there will be a taller rock formation near the Guild. Use your ‘Zip’ ability to get closer to him.

Forspoken Kloros Guild Rock Pile Climb Step 3

Then, from this final rock formation you must face the Guild. You should see a small balcony with a door leading into the building. Aim your ‘Zip’ ability at the balcony or door and pull it there.

Alternate entrance to the Forspoken Kloros Guild Tower at the top of the tower

How to complete the Kloros Guild in Forspoken

Once you are inside the Guild, you will have to head to its base. We recommend completing the guild first and then returning to it to collect everything you see on your way down.

When you are at the base of the tower, you will come face to face with a Nightmare. You must defeat Nightmare in order to exit the tower.

Forgotten, Frey is using Tanta Sila's magical fire sword to attack Nightmare cornered at the base of the tower.

The easiest way to defeat the monster is to use Tanta Sila’s magic. It is extremely effective against them and stuns them enough for Frey to land some good hits on them.

Once you defeat Nightmare, the guild will be marked as complete and the exit will open for you.

Forspoken has arrived and we have boss strategies to help you defeat Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav, Senseless Savant and the final boss. However, before taking on these bosses, you may want to learn how to craft, upgrade your equipment, and find all the Blessing Fountains. Meanwhile, understanding fast travel and clearing monuments will also help you on Fray’s journey through Athia.

Kloros Guild Reward

After defeating Nightmare and opening the exit, you can open the treasure chest in the center of the room. This contains your reward for this guild.

Forspoken, the Kloros Guild nail reward

For Kloros Guild, you’ll get a set of spikes that makes any debuffs Frey inflicts on enemies last longer. You can learn more about Nails in our Forspoken Gear guide.

With a complete guild tower, enjoy hunting through Athia to complete the rest!

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