Destiny 2 High Albedo god roll and drop location

High Albedo is a legendary weapon in Destiny 2, which debuted as part of the Beyond Light campaign.

This easy-to-acquire weapon received a huge upgrade shortly before the Lightfall expansion and is suddenly one of the best weapons in the game.

As it has been improved, this page will detail how to get High Albedo in Destiny 2 and which parks you should hunt to possess the High Albedo god roll.

In this page:

How to get high albedo in Destiny 2

High Albedo is a Beyond Light weapon. It can be found in a few different sources in Europe.

The simplest is Variks Weapon Quest. Simply visit Variks in Europa, navigate to its second page and select the Europa Sidearm mission. It will cost 30 Herealways pieces, but will give you some simple objectives to complete. Once you do, return to Variks and he will give you the weapon. You can repeat this mission as long as you have the Herealways pieces to spare. You can also cancel the mission and buy it again if you don’t like the randomly assigned objectives.

High-value target brigantines appear regularly in the Eventide Ruins and Cadmus Ridge sections of Europe. Look for versions of these enemies with an orange health bar and the nickname “Enforcer Brig.” Defeat him and a chest will appear containing a random piece of Beyond Light equipment. Finding a High Albedo will depend on luck and perseverance. If you are alone in Eventide Ruins, you may be able to fast travel after defeating a high-value brigantine to that same area and encounter another one.

Finally, there is the lost agricultural sector. It’s simple, although it depends a lot on luck. Simply clear a lost sector, fast travel, then come back and clear it again. We recommend Perdition, as it is quite short.

The Season of the Depths is here along with the Into the Depths quest. You can also know how to go fishing! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenge rotation schedule!

High Albedo God Roll Recommendation in Destiny 2

High Albedo fires in a three-shot burst and functions more like a high-velocity, short-range pulse rifle. The key is to aim at the center of your target and let the natural vertical pull of the gun send the final rounds of bursts to the heads and other critical areas.

An ideal, or ‘god roll’, High Albedo deals damage in quick bursts, finishes off enemies with headshots, and is particularly effective in PvP for attacks while jumping or hovering.

Here’s our recommended High Albedo divine roll in Destiny 2:

  • Corkscrew fluting
  • Curized rounds
  • Fully automatic
  • head finder

By far the biggest weakness of a handgun is range, and the Corkscrew Rifling alleviates this somewhat, while also providing small increases in stability and handling, making it an easier gun to use for shooting.

Accurized Rounds further improve High Albedo’s range. This is important not only for accuracy, but also to mitigate the decrease in damage the farther from the target you shoot.

Full-Auto can be a somewhat controversial choice. Even with the above buffs, High Albedo shoots quite powerfully, and other options here can help with that. However, Full-Auto makes a bigger difference. With this you can simply hold down the trigger and the gun will continue firing. This frees you up to focus solely on positioning your cursor for accurate shots, which is much more important for dealing damage than any small stat boost.

Headseeker is the perk that unlocks the true potential of High Albedo. Landing body hits provides a short-term boost to critical hit damage. If you use High Albedo as intended, focusing shots on the center of mass and then allowing recoil to guide the cursor over weak points, then this buff is frequently active and extremely deadly, especially against other Guardians in PvP.

As usual, once you have your preferred roll, be sure to upgrade it to Masterwork to give it a stat boost, the ability to spawn orbs on multiple kills, and add the option for a kill tracker.

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