Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event, challenges and rewards explained

The anniversary collection event in Apex Legends has arrived to celebrate Apex’s fourth birthday. First released in 2019, the brutal but always entertaining Apex Games have graced our consoles with free Battle Royale combat along with several other modes.

The Anniversary Collection Event is truly a celebratory event in Apex Legends, as there are many goodies you can get, including 12 skins created by the Apex community.

Without further ado, we are going to explain all the challenges and rewards of this event, as well as the end date of the Anniversary Collection. Let the party begin!

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Apex Legends: Anniversary Collection Event Trailer.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Item List

There are items from the 24th Anniversary Collection Event that you can collect.

You can receive these items as a reward from an Anniversary Collection pack or you can choose to purchase them using Apex Coins and Crafting Metals.

Apex Legends, official Respawn art of Seer, Catalyst, and Bloodhound on their Anniversary Collection Event skins for 2023.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

The two reward levels for the 24 different items are Legendary and Epic. We have noted the costs of each level below:

  • Epic: Any Epic reward will cost 1000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals.
  • Legendary: Any legendary reward will cost 1800 coins or 2400 crafting metals.

legend masks

Weapon Skins

Skin name and weapon How it looks Level
Biomechanics – R-99 Apex Legends, epic biomechanical skin R-99 Epic
Subwoofer – Nemesis Apex Legends, Epic Nemesis Subwoofer Skin Epic
Executor of Justice – R-301 Apex Legends, Executor of Justice Epic Skin R-301 Epic
Exclusive Solution: Mastiff Apex Legends, Distinctive Solution Epic Mastiff Skin Epic

Holosprays and banner frames

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Challenges, Points, and Rewards

During the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection event, you can collect points for completing event-specific challenges each day. You can earn up to 1600 points every day, so it’s not impossible to get all the rewards on the points tracker.

Apex Legends, Respawn's official image of Lifeline, Gibraltar and Pathfinder in special anniversary event skins.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

How to Find the Anniversary Collection Event Reward Tracker

To find the points tracker for this event, you must be on the main Apex Legends screen. Next, head to the right side of the screen where your daily and weekly challenge tracker is.

During the event, you will see an additional page here containing all the Anniversary Challenges for that day. You can see how many points you can earn by completing challenges and how close you are to completing them.

Then, click on the “View Rewards Tracking” banner at the bottom of this section.

Apex Legends 2023 Anniversary Collection Event Reward Tracker.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

This will show your points and progress tracking for this event. Here you will be able to see how many points you have, how close you are to your next reward, and what your next reward will be.

All Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Challenge Rewards

Article name Level Points requirement
Year 4 Anniversary (Banner Badge) Epic 250
4 Year Anniversary – _miyann ​​(Transition) Strange 500
Apex Pack Strange 500
Surf’s Up (universal frame) Epic 750
Apex Pack Strange 750
Demon Hunter (Car Skin) Epic 1,000
4th anniversary (holo) Epic 1,000
Gone Fishing (Universal Frame) Epic 1,250
Apex Pack Strange 1,250
Here comes the party Epic 1,500
50 craft metals N/A 1,500
Reality Eradicator (Wingman skin) Epic 2,000
50 craft metals N/A 2,000
Sunset at Storm Point (universal frame) Epic 2,500
Arctic Fusion (Fusion Skin) Epic 2,500
Year 4 Anniversary – GOrlassar (Transition) Strange 3,000
Apex Pack Strange 3,000
City celebration (universal framework) Epic 3,500
Anniversary Collection Pack Epic 3,500
Static spectrum (Wattson skin) Epic 4,000
Apex Pack Strange 4,000
Anniversary Collection Pack Epic 5,000

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Store

There will also be a special anniversary tent throughout the event. Here you can get limited-time packs and items throughout the event. However, some items are only available for a very short period of time, so it’s worth checking back every day to see what you can get your hands on.

Apex Legends, official Respawn art of Newcastle, Bangalore and Wraith in their Cosmic Skins for Apex's fourth anniversary.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Here, we’re listing everything you can currently get in the event store and when they should leave the store:

Item/package name Content Price Final date
Cosmic Protector Pack Cosmic Protector (Newcastle Legendary Skin) and 7th Anniversary Bundles. 5,000 Apex Coins (was 6,700) 02/28/23
freestyle package Freestyle (Lifeline Legendary Skin) and 3rd Anniversary Bundles. 2,500 Apex Coins (was 3,900) 02/28/23
Red carpet Red Carpet (Legendary Mirage Skin) 1250 Apex Coins 02/28/23
blood ritual Blood Ritual (Legendary Revenant Skin) 1250 Apex Coins 02/28/23
Cloud Prowler Pack Cloud Marauder (Legendary Valkyrie Skin), Cerulean Blues (Legendary Wingman Skin) and 3 Apex Packs 2500 Apex Coins 02/28/23
Skate or fly Skate or Fly (Epic Seer Skydiving Emoticon) 1000 Apex Coins 02/28/23
Wraith’s Rage Pack Wraith’s Wrath (Epic Wraith Skin) and Dragon’s Wing (Epic Wingman Skin) 500 apex coins 02/28/23

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event End Date and Time

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection event will end on Tuesday, February 28.

Apex Legends, official Respawn Anniversary Collection event artwork of Ash, Octane and Horizon in event skins.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Now that you know everything that’s on offer during this event, it’s time to get the party started!

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