How to get Accolades in Fortnite

Collecting Commendations in Fortnite is one of the many challenges you need to complete this season and they are classified as ‘Milestone Missions’, meaning there are plenty of benefits waiting for you if you collect them.

Fortnite Mega is underway and, along with new weapons and grind rails, commendations are another part of the game that you come across without having to think about them too much.

Without further ado, we are going to show you how to collect praise in Fortnite and we will explain it to you a little more.

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How to get praise in Fortnite

You can complete and collect rewards simply by trying to survive, exploring your environment, or being the first player in the game to do something specific, like fishing.

They are basically small challenges that you can complete by participating in a match and most of the time you will not realize that you have achieved them until the round is over.

Below are some examples of praise:

  • Augmented reality – Be the first player in a match to activate a boost..
  • alpha predator Be the first player in a game to hunt wildlife..
  • First catch First player in a match to catch a fish..
  • big spender Spend 250 gold bars in one game..
  • ridiculous shot Shoot a player from more than 200 meters away..

Collecting commendations is a great way to earn XP quickly, and what’s even better is that you don’t really have to do anything extra to get them.

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How to check your commendations in Fortnite

In Fortnite, the commendations you have earned can be seen at the end of your match, when you are killed or crowned the winner.

They won’t instantly appear on the final screen, but once you get to the screen that shows your match rank and other XP rewards you’ve earned, don’t skip straight ahead.

Instead, select the ‘Match Statistics’ option to view the statistics for that specific match. On the right side of the screen you should see “Medals and Awards.” This is where the completed and collected commendations for that match will appear.

fortnite awards and medals screen

Additionally, a small notification will appear at the top of the screen during the match when you receive an award. It will stay there for a few seconds before disappearing.

Fortnite Mid-Match Alpha Predator Award Featured

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