How to beat Phantom Ganon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Phantom Ganon appears when you defeat Gloom Hands in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and he drops some useful weapons and materials if you can beat him.

Facing Phantom Ganon won’t be the same every time, as he has three potential forms that appear once Gloom Hands is defeated, each wielding different types of weapons.

He’s a tough opponent to take on if you’re not prepared, so we’re going over how to beat Phantom Ganon in his sword, spear, and club form in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom below.

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Preparing to defeat Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom

When you kill a group of Gloom Hands, a Phantom Ganon mini-boss will spawn, a tough opponent who can kill Link almost instantly if you don’t have enough hearts.

Heart and armor requirements

During our encounters with him, Phantom Ganon took 4 and a quarter hearts off every time he hit Link with an upgrade to every piece of our Hylian armor set, so we don’t recommend taking on a Phantom Ganon unless you have at least five. complete. heart containers. Even then, you’ll probably want to have some extra, as the darkness surrounding Ganon can temporarily break hearts, which means you can’t heal past a certain point until you remove this darkness effect.

If you need to upgrade armor, visit the Great Fairy location.

To get more Heart Containers, go to a Goddess Statue and exchange the Light of Blessings you get from completing Shrines. Or you can exchange parts of Link’s stamina bar for more hearts on the demon statue next to the Emergency Shelter in Looking Landing.

Link interacts with a statue in Looking Landing, allowing the player to trade Heart Containers for more stamina.
Image Credit: Nintendo

Gain resistance to darkness

That darkness effect around Ganon we mentioned is annoying, but if you bring in food with dark resistance, you can avoid it from damaging you, which means you can get close to Ganon during the fight without taking damage or losing heart containers. The Dark Lumps obtained from defeating Gloom Hands and other Phantom Ganons are the ingredient that adds Dark Resistance to meals.

You can also prepare meals with Sundelions, which restore containers of broken hearts, allowing you to heal past that point again.

If you come across statues of Negotiators on your travels in Hyrule, you can also trade your Poes for pieces of the Armor from Below set, giving you some extra resistance to the twilight effect.

Fuse a powerful weapon

Our last piece of advice before attempting to take on a Phantom Ganon is to bring a weapon with at least 30 attack power, preferably a spear so that you can get away from the darkness effect surrounding Ganon for a bit. It’s still hard to take him down with 30 attack power, but anything higher than this will make the fight much more manageable, as the longer it goes on, the more likely Phantom Ganon will kill you.

Some of the best materials to increase the attack power of weapons through Fusing are:

  • Silver Lynel Leafhorns
  • Silver Lynel’s Shattered Horn
  • diamonds
  • black hideous horns

Aside from the Black Horriblin Horns, these materials are pretty hard to come by, so ranking your items by fuse attack power and then picking one near the top should be enough to help with the fight against Phantom Ganon, as long as when you have a decent base weapon to start with, like the Master Sword.

How to beat the ghost Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom

Now that you’re fully prepared for the fight, it’s time to face Phantom Ganon!

How to beat all forms of Phantom Ganon

As we mentioned earlier, there are three forms of Phantom Ganon, each wielding a sword, spear, or club. The basic strategy for beating Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom is the same for all three variations: jump back when Ganon attacks to trigger a “burst”.

Make sure to target Ganon with ‘ZL’ while pressing the jump button and moving backwards to constantly get the burst prompt.

Between bursts, stay close to the Ganon Ghost so it can’t make a quick attack, as it’s hard to dodge or block. Be sure not to get too close though, or the darkness surrounding Ganon may injure Link and temporarily break his heart containers. This is why we recommend using a spear weapon in the fight with Phantom Ganon, so you can hit him between bursts without taking any darkness damage.

If you step too far back and Ganon does a quick attack, it’s better to shield block rather than try to jump, as it’s hard to time the jump properly.

Ghost Ganon’s quick attack in action.

Alternatively, we’ve seen other players bring a sword and use it to spin around Phantom Ganon, taking away large chunks of his health while avoiding attacks, but we haven’t been able to master this technique yet. Still, the option is there if you feel confident! Just remember to equip something or eat something with dark resistance if you plan on trying this.

The tips above apply to all variations of Phantom Ganon, but there are some differences in the best strategy to beat Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom depending on what weapon you have, so here are tips on how to kill each form:

How to beat the Phantom Ganon club

Phantom Ganon’s club form has three attacks:

  • single strike
  • jump and hit
  • Kick

Although the slam attack looks intimidating, aiming with ‘ZL’ and then jumping back is still a great way to avoid taking damage and launch a flurry attack. You can also back away from his one-hit attacks and kicks to try and get a flurry.

Just keep in mind that if you’re more of a defensive fighter, you can’t block Phantom Ganon’s jump and attack; you have to jump out of the way to avoid taking damage.

You get Dark Clumps, a Demon’s King Bow, and a Gloom Club for beating Phantom Ganon’s club.

How to beat Phantom Ganon sword

Phantom Ganon’s sword form has three attacks:

  • Dash
  • A single sword strike
  • A charged sword strike

Ganon will raise his sword vertically when about to perform a single strike, or horizontally before a charged attack. When you see this happen, make sure to target it with ‘ZL’ and start hitting the jump button while aiming back to avoid the attack and hopefully trigger a burst attack prompt.

Ganon’s single sword swing to the left and charged sword swing to the right.

We recommend blocking if he tries to attack you.

You get Dark Clumps, a Demon’s King Bow, and a Gloom Sword to defeat Phantom Ganon’s sword.

How to beat Phantom Ganon’s spear

Phantom Ganon’s spear form has two attacks:

  • Dash
  • A single spear thrust

If you’re going to try the sword charge technique, we recommend using it on Phantom Ganon’s spear form, as his blows are more difficult to avoid than his sword and club attacks.

If you want to see the sword charging technique in action, watch the following YouTube video created by TorteliniSensei.

If you’re not trying this technique, it’s recommended to jump to the left or right when Ganon spears instead of jumping back.

Again, we recommend blocking if he tries to attack you.

You get Dark Clumps, a Demon’s King Bow, and a Gloom Spear for defeating Phantom Ganon’s spear.

Good luck facing Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom!

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