How to collect a Vault Keycard dropped by defeated Cold Blooded Bosses in Fortnite

Collecting a vault keycard from defeated cold-blooded bosses in Fortnite will help you complete one of the new Most Wanted missions. There are several challenges you must complete as part of this new limited-time mode, but collecting the Vault Keycard will throw you into the middle of the chaos.

Finding a vault keycard in Fortnite is the first step, and the next is surviving long enough to defeat a cold-blooded boss. These bosses are tough, dangerous, and have a team to protect them. Your job is to defend yourself against them, as well as other players, to get that key card.

If all this seems a little stressful to you, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to collect a vault keycard and how to defeat a cold-blooded boss in Fortnite.

Please note that this particular challenge can no longer be completed. What’s new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection, and Eren Jaeger skin. It’s a good idea to know how to get XP quickly in Fortnite.

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How to Collect a Cold Blooded Bosses Vault Key Card in Fortnite

To collect a vault key card from cold-blooded bosses in Fortnite, you must defeat them. Once you have knocked them down and eliminated them, they will drop everything they are holding. This includes the Vault Key and some high-level loot.

Once you see the key card, walk over to it and pick it up when the control prompt appears. Be careful though, there will almost certainly be other players later.

Cold Blooded Boss Locations in Fortnite

Cold Blooded Bosses in Fortnite can be found in one of these three locations:

  • Shattered slabs
  • Frenzied fields
  • Brutal Bastion

They can be found next to the Vaults in these locations. We’ve also marked where you can find them on the map below.

Fortnite, a map that has Shattered Slabs, Brutal Bastion and Frenzy Fields in circles.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is here! To help you get started with this heist-themed season, we have guides on how to alert a security camera, protect data from Forecast Towers, and destroy weakened security walls or doors. There’s also a new Victory Umbrella! In the meantime, learn what the best weapons are, the current boosts, how to get XP quickly, how to use the best PC builds, and earn a crown of victory.

How to defeat cold-blooded bosses in Fortnite

To defeat a cold-blooded boss, you must be prepared for an epic battle. Not only will you face the cold-blooded boss and his workers, but you will surely also fight other people who also want the key to the vault.

Preparation is key

Before heading to the Vault site, we recommend getting some shields, health, and a couple of weapons. Weapons can also be found in the Vault locations, but it’s much safer to be prepared when you enter.

Fighting the boss

Once you are in the location, the bosses will almost always be near the Vault. All you need to do is shoot them down.

The Boss in that area will be the one with a Shield Bar and a Health Bar above their heads. This will usually appear after they have been shot once.

After identifying the boss, you must defeat him and stay alive long enough to steal the key card. The Shield bar is the first thing you should wear down. Repeatedly attack the boss to break his shield. Watch your back though, Coldblood suits will protect their boss and the commotion will often attract other players.

Fortnite, Brutal Bastion, a character is fighting a boss that is in the snow.
We had no shields left at this point and were quickly fired upon from somewhere else.

A rapid-fire weapon or a weapon that deals a lot of damage in a single hit (grenades work well too) are useful for breaking the shield quickly. If you’re not sure which weapon to choose, check out our picks for the best weapons in Fortnite to find out which one is for you.

Then, after breaking the Shield, you can start chipping away at his health. The more health they lose, the more dangerous the boss becomes, so be sure to dodge if necessary.

As you did with the Shield, repeatedly attack the Boss to eliminate it. Without his shield, headshots deal a substantial amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Once you’ve taken them down, shoot them a few more times to take them out. They will then drop your loot and the vault keycard.

Vault Keycard Rewards Explained

In addition to helping you complete one of the Intel and Recon challenges, the Vault Keycard will give you access to the Vault.

Fortnite, Brutal Bastion, a character has defeated a cold-blooded Ace.
All cold-blooded enemies drop loot worth grabbing.

There’s a lot of high-level loot in the Vaults, including exotic weapons that really pack a punch. Once you enter, don’t let your guard down as other players will chase you to try to steal your hard-earned rewards.

Enjoy hunting cold-blooded bosses in Fortnite!

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