Only people with exceptional skills will be able to find the fake carnival ticket in 6 seconds!

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? They are an excellent approach to improving mental capacity and lateral thinking skills, as well as strengthening memory and keeping you entertained.

Finding solutions to these brain puzzles requires imaginative and thought-provoking brain processes as well as sensory coordination. Some of these puzzles are so difficult that you won’t be able to solve them right away.

Are you up to the task?

We very much hope so!

Let’s get started, then?

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Find the fake carnival ticket in 6 seconds

Look at the image below.


Source: 7 Second Riddles

John, Adams and Rick were going to their town’s annual carnival when they were stopped by security at the entrance. One of the three tickets they showed security turned out to be false. Can you find out which carnival ticket is fake? You only have 6 seconds to find the fake, so you better act fast. Set your timers and get started.

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This puzzle will test your attention to detail, as finding the fake bill will require you to look very closely at the image. Look at the image and try to find something that is not on the other two bills. Additionally, the puzzle has a sample image to help you with your observations. So, we think you will be able to solve this puzzle in less than 6 seconds if you are good at noticing details.

The solution is given at the end of the article. Refer to it once you’re done.

Puzzle solution

Here is the fake bill:


Source: 7 Second Riddles

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