How to get XP fast in Diablo 4, including leveling methods explained

In the dangerous world of Diablo 4, learning how to quickly gain XP and level up your character is the secret to survival.

As expected from an RPG, you must level up your character in Diablo 4 so that they become stronger as new skills are unlocked in their skill trees or new Paragon nodes are filled.

This guide will cover how to get XP in Diablo 4, as well as how to level up fast.

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How to get XP in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is a huge game, with many activities that reward you with experience points. One of the ways to earn XP is by killing enemies. While one enemy won’t give you much experience, you can easily find large groups worth fighting.

When you start the game, your main source of XP is the missions that are part of the campaign. At the same time, side quests also reward XP. Both of these activities will always lead to fights, so you’ll end up earning more XP than initially expected.

There are many activities in Diablo 4 that give you experience points.

As you progress through the game, you can run dungeons and clear strongholds, which are huge sources of experience points. These two activities are not necessarily easy and sometimes take longer to complete than a quest. Even so, you fight so many enemies within them, from regulars and Elites to minibosses, that you end up getting a lot of experience.

Diablo 4 also grants you XP for finding Shrines of Lilith, giving you 3800 experience points at world level 3! – complete world events that happen throughout the Sanctuary and level up the Renown system.

How to level up fast in Diablo 4

Although you can earn XP from all of the sources presented in the previous section, it is important to know how to use them efficiently and which ones to prioritize.

The first thing to do, if you are just starting the game, is to focus on finishing the campaign. By the end of the last act, you will be level 40 or higher. However, if you want to level up quickly, you should play the campaign at world level 2, which increases the XP you gain by 20% from killing monsters. Once you finish the campaign, you can try to unlock World Tier 3, which increases this XP bonus to 100%.

In Diablo 4, you get experience points by completing quests and side quests.

After the campaign is over, you need to focus on leveling up the Renown system, which involves taking on side quests, finding Lilith’s Shrines, making dungeons, and clearing strongholds. In addition to the experience you gain from completing all of these activities, each time you level up a region’s Renown system level, you are rewarded with bonus XP.

At this point, you’re already in Diablo’s ending, so you have access to the Whispers of the Dead missions. These are also worth making as they can help you get better gear that will make your life easier when running dungeons. On top of that, you also get XP when you give 10 Shadowy Favors to the Tree of Whispers.

Complete Whispers of the Dead missions to earn XP fast!

Play with a group to get an XP boost in Diablo 4 and level up faster.

Now, there are two best practices that you should adopt as soon as possible in order to level up faster. First, try to always use elixirs when running dungeons. Elixirs are found under the Consumables tab in the Character menu. While they have different effects, all elixirs increase the amount of experience points you gain over a period of time.

Second, whenever you can, play in a group. Diablo 4 encourages you to call your friends to play by giving them bonus XP when you’re in a party. It’s not game-changing, but just like using elixirs, at the end of the day, you’ll have leveled up faster.

Enjoy your time leveling up in Diablo 4!

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