How to beat Roquefort in Hi-Fi RUSH

Beating Roquefort in Hi-Fi RUSH is one of the trickiest battles you’ll find. He is extremely powerful and if you get caught in too many of his attacks the game will end quickly.

Roquefort is one of the last bosses you’ll face in Hi-Fi RUSH and it definitely tests all the skills you’ve learned. Feeling the rhythm is one of the keys to defeating him, but there are also some tricks you can learn by watching his attacks.

Without further ado, we are going to show you how to be Roquefort in Hi-Fi RUSH.

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How to beat Roquefort in Hi-Fi RUSH

Roquefort’s attacks are fast, powerful, and absolutely brutal. The main objective of this fight is to damage Roquefort when the opportunity arises, but you can’t just jump in and play the guitar, this battle requires a bit of patience.

stage one

Roquefort has several attacks that he uses in his wolf form in this first part of the battle. He will raise his claws and red lines will appear on the ground. These lines indicate where the attack will land, so he tries not to stand on them. Also, you can’t parry these attacks because they are too powerful.

Another attack is also claw-based: Roquefort will hit you with his claws. Again, you can’t stop them because they are too powerful, so it’s best to dodge them for now.

Hi-Fi RUSH, a close-up of the Face of the Wolf of Roquefort
Go for the face of Roquefort!

Wait for a short rest between attacks and use your hook to get close to Roquefort’s face and attack him in the air. This is the safest option to attack him in wolf form, as you are exposed to some brutal attacks if you are on the ground. Combined attacks have proven to be the most effective when attacking in this way.

Call on your friends as much as you can during this stage, as they can damage Roquefort while you dodge his attacks.

Another attack he has is a running attack. He will run up to try to hit you, but you can easily dodge them as they keep pace.

However, there is another attack where he runs and then jumps into the air. If this happens, he tries to be as far away from Roquefort as possible, as he will hit the ground upon landing.

Additionally, its tail indicates yet another attack to pay attention to. If he moves it several times in sync with the beat, then that’s an indicator that he’s about to throw two small tornadoes at you. They only go in the direction Roquefort threw them, making them easy to dodge.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Roquefort in his wolf form looks at Chai
It may seem impossible, but you can beat Roquefort!

You need to keep calling out your team, dodging the bigger attacks, and attacking Roquefort at the right time to reduce his health.

Once his health bar reaches the last third, Roquefort will return to his human form and begin running around the room. Chase him and attack him with whatever you want. If he uses shield, call Peppermint to break it and if he uses Z-Shielding, call Macaron to break it.

Stage two

After you lower Roquefort’s first health bar to zero, he will regenerate and appear again as the wolf. His health bar is back to full strength, meaning you’ll have to wear it down again.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Roquefort wolf artwork
It’s definitely persistent.

This time, there are some new attacks to pay attention to, in addition to the ones you used in the previous stage.

Dash attacks have become stronger, if a blue light starts flashing on Roquefort’s head, make sure you are not in his line of fire. This is the indicator that he is about to launch a quick attack. However, he doesn’t just launch himself once, he will chase you three times with the dash attack, so be sure to dodge and get out of the way.

After dealing more damage, Roquefort will retreat and you will be asked to bring Korsica. Call it and then a bar will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai and Korsica vs Roquefort
Feel the rhythm.

Press the controls at the right time in sync with the rhythm when they reach the circle on the left to gain enough momentum to push Roquefort back. Once you do this, he will be briefly stunned and this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Use your hook to get close to him and launch all the attacks you have quickly. We also recommend calling your entire team, that way you can deal maximum damage in the short time you have.

Be careful though, once you see Roquefort start to move you will need to back away. Otherwise, he’ll catch you off guard with one of his attacks.

Along this stretch try not to get too close to Roquefort when you are on land. He will quickly hit you with his claws and this can reduce your health to zero if you are not careful.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Roquefort full Wolf mode
Again, go for Roquefort’s face.

Attacking Roquefort like you did before, using your hook, is the safest way to take him down. He will repeat the same attacks from this stage and earlier in the fight until his health bar drops back down to the final third.

Once this happens, Roquefort will return to his human self. This time, he will run to one end of the room you are in and will be protected by a laser grid.

There will be a gap on the grid that you can traverse, just wait for it to appear and use your grappling hook to quickly reach Roquefort. When you have reached him, attack him with whatever attacks you want.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Roquefort is protected by a wall of lasers and Chai runs around
Eventually there will be a gap…

Once you’ve dealt some damage, he’ll run to the other end of the room and you’ll have to repeat the same steps again. That being said, there will be laser drones shooting at you so you can parry them or simply ignore them to get through the gap.

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Final stage

After you lower Roquefort’s health bar to zero, the wolf will return one last time and there will be new attacks you need to pay attention to. However, this time, there is something specific you need to do to take down Roquefort.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Roquefort is face down on the floor
Don’t be fooled, he has a few more tricks left.

One of the two new attacks is designed to damage your health and make you vulnerable. Roquefort will slide his claws and send waves of money flying at you. Jump to avoid these waves, they are more dangerous than you think.

You can use your hook to attack Roquefort during this, but it will only do a little damage to his health and put you in danger.

Hi-Fi RUSH, the human Roquefort sitting on a pile of money
Anyone else wondering what it’s like to dive into money?

The second attack is the one you were waiting for.

Roquefort will sink into his pile of money and disappear. He watches the ground, he will pulse and show you where he is. A metal hand will appear among the money and a mound with a piece of Roquefort sticking out will appear nearby.

You must stand near the giant metal hand. When Roquefort jumps off the money, he will lunge towards you. If you are close to the metal hand, he will be briefly hit and left vulnerable to your attacks.

While Roquefort is stunned from hitting himself with that hand, use your hook to get closer to him and call your entire team to attack him. While they attack, use whatever attack you prefer to wear down their health bar.

You will have to repeat this step several times to get Roquefort’s health bar to zero.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai is looking at a big stack of money
That’s a big pile…

Once you’ve depleted his health bar for the last time, you’ll have defeated this boss for good.

After facing Roquefort, you’ll be ready to finally stop Vandelay’s dastardly plans. Good luck!

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