Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch quest walkthrough, including hidden requirements and Skull Rock location

Stitch’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley can only be accessed once you’ve unlocked Stitch by finding the three socks in the valley and then placing a beacon at the Skull Rock location.

Once you place Stitch’s house and he is officially part of your valley, you will have to fulfill a series of hidden requirements to progress his story.

To help you with Stitch’s antics, we have a walkthrough for Stitch’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley below, including what the hidden requirement is for Stitch’s level 10 quest.

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Location of Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before actually starting Stitch’s quests, you must first unlock him by finding three socks over the course of ten days and placing a beacon on Skull Rock.

Skull Rock is located off the southern shore of Dazzle Beach, on the eastern side of the Biome. Look to the left of the pier on the beach for an easy view of the island.

Skull Rock is the small island on the eastern side of the Dazzle Beach biome.

Place the beacon on Skull Rock from your furniture menu, then follow the steps to locate Stitch’s house somewhere in the valley and build it for 10,000 Star Coins. You will then be able to begin Stitch’s quest, but you will need to unlock the first hidden requirement.

First hidden requirement for the Stitch mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first hidden requirement for Stitch’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to find one of the vandalized signs in Peaceful Meadow. There are three, but for now you only need to interact with one to advance Stitch’s quest.

However, after talking to Donald Duck and Stitch about the sign you find, you will need to find all three.

Here’s where to find the three tattered posters for Stitch’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  1. By the Dazzle Beach entrance on the east side of Peaceful Meadows.
  2. Next to the entrance to Dazzle Beach on the south side of Peaceful Meadows.
  3. Next to the entrance to the Glade of Trust in Peaceful Meadows.

The three vandalized signs are located at the entrances to Peaceful Meadow.

Next, take the three smashed signs and the x5 hardwood and x5 softwood to a crafting station and craft two ‘Donald Signs’ in the ‘Furniture’ tab.

Show the posters to Stitch, then return to Peaceful Meadows and place the three Donald posters wherever you want in the furniture menu.

You will then have to watch Stitch apologize to Donald to complete the ‘Goodness Level Check’ part of Stitch’s quest, and then you can find the second hidden requirement.

Second hidden requirement for the Stitch mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the second part of Stitch’s mission you need:

  • Unlock Remy
  • Have Stitch at friendship level 4
  • Unlocks WALL-E and his garden.
  • Unlock the Glade of Trust biome
  • Fulfill the hidden requirement

The second hidden requirement for the Stitch mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to find the coffee cup near WALL-E’s garden and then show it to WALL-E. The cup will shine on the ground near his garden. Ours appeared behind him.

After talking to WALL-E and Stitch after finding the cup, you will have to create a sack with x15 fiber and x5 soil, then craft the coffee sapling with x25 pebbles, x25 clay and x1 sack, then plant the sapling in the biome Clear of Trust.

You will have to water the coffee sapling in Glade of Trust at least twice and wait about fifteen minutes for it to grow. Harvest the coffee beans, then talk to Stitch and Remy, and then you can make coffee with x1 coffee bean in a pot.

Give the coffee to Stitch to complete the “Very Sleepy Stitch” part of his mission and move on to the next part.

How to Wear Adventure Outfits for Stitch’s Quest at Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the third part of Stitch’s mission you need:

  • Unlock Ariel
  • Have Stitch at friendship level 7
  • Progress through Ursuala’s quest and complete the main quest ‘With Great Power’.
  • Unlock the Sunlit Plateau biome

Once you meet these requirements, talk to Stitch, then collect x3 glass, x3 gold ingots, and x9 tinkering pieces to create Stitch’s television.

Once you give Stitch his TV and watch a movie with him, he will ask you to put on adventure clothes to go on a mission with him. To wear adventure clothing, you will need to wear clothing labeled “Sporty.” You can easily find them at the top of the Wardrobe menu, in the “Requests” section if you have the clothes you need.

You will need to wear a sports shirt, pants, and shoes to complete the adventure clothing quest requirement for Stitch’s quest. If you don’t have everything you need, visit Scrooge in his shop and buy some from his mannequins or from his catalog by talking to him.

Once you’re dressed in your adventure gear, head to the Mystic Cave at Dazzle Beach. It is located behind the Pillar on the grassy part of the east side of Dazzle Beach.

Follow Stitch, then talk to Ursula and Ariel to complete the “Stitch’s Hobby” portion of their quest.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley September Update is here! You can now obtain Beauty and the Beast by completing the quests Into the West Wing and A Prince in Disguise. The Fairy Godmother is still in the valley, so you can continue the story through the Forgotten Memories quest. Now you can also have multiplayer houses and customize furniture. If you’re still catching up on the story, be sure to complete The Great Blizzard quest to unlock Olaf, as well as take Simba and Nala to the valley. For more help, check out our list of recipes, how to improve your house, change the color of your house, bugs’ favorite foods, and redeem codes. Finally, don’t forget to check out our list of current and upcoming characters to see who might visit the valley next!

Third hidden requirement after reaching level 10 for the Stitch mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will need to have a level 10 friendship with Stitch to unlock the last part of his quest. However, once you do, the hidden requirement for doing Stitch’s level 10 friendship quest is to wait until it unlocks. At launch, those living in Australia mentioned on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord server that it was the next day for them, which we can now confirm.

After waiting a day, you will receive the message to talk to Stitch again, where he will ask you to find another villager to be part of his gang. The villager you need to talk to to form a gang with Stitch is Kristoff.

Go to Kristoff and convince him to play with Stitch, then visit Scrooge McDuck in his store to ask what equipment the pair will need for their band. It turns out that you need to create a photo background so Stitch can promote his performance.

To make the photo background at a craft station, you need:

  • x9 touch-up pieces
  • x10 Cloth
  • x10 Glass
  • x20 Hardwood

Once you’ve created it, bring the photo background to Stitch, then hang out with him and take him to the Castle of Dreams. Go up to the third floor of the castle and take three photos with Stitch, then talk to Scrooge McDuck.

You will then have to wait a day for the next part of the mission to unlock. Once enough time has passed, talk to Stitch and then Scrooge McDuck, who will give you the sound equipment you need to place on Dazzle Beach. Now you can have fun with Stitch and the other town members on the beach!

When you’re done, talk to Stitch to finish his quest line and get the ‘Stitch’s Little Red Boat’ furniture.

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