Optical Illusion: Find a Dinosaur in the Jungle in 7 Seconds

Optical illusion: The goal of optical illusions is to trick our brain through the use of visual tricks. They are also known as visual illusions, and pop culture is full of examples of how commonly they are recognized as simple tests for determining intelligence.

There are three main types of optical illusions: literal, physiological and cognitive.

Literal illusions occur when our brain misinterprets the physical properties of an object.

Physiological illusions are caused by the way our eyes and brains process light and color.

Cognitive illusions occur when our brain makes assumptions about what we are seeing, even when evidence contradicts those assumptions.

Optical illusions can be entertaining, challenging, and useful for improving attention span and observation skills.

If you’re looking for a quick way to exercise your brain, you should try this optical illusion challenge right away!

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Optical illusion: find a dinosaur in 7 seconds


Source: Youtube

In the image shared above you can see a forest where you can see tall trees with deep roots.

There is a dinosaur wandering through the forest and the challenge for readers is to find it in 7 seconds.

It is a great opportunity to test your visual acuity.

Your time starts now.

The dinosaur can be anywhere in the image; check all areas carefully.

Have you seen the dinosaur?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.

Look at the image from different angles and try to identify the place where the dinosaur is hiding.

The last seconds remain.





Time is over.

You can stop searching now.

How many of you have found the dinosaur?

We believe that most of our readers might have seen the terrifying dinosaur.

Scary, right?

In case some of you are still wondering where it is hiding, check out the solution below.

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Find Dinosaurs in 7 Seconds – Solution

The dinosaur can be seen peeking out from the right side of the image; Only the dinosaur’s face is visible.


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