How to beat Leviathan boss in Dead Space

The Leviathan is a boss in both the Dead Space remake and the original.

Once you neutralize all eight Wheezers in Chapter 6, you can enter the food storage area in Hydroponics to try to drive out the Leviathan.

However, things don’t go as planned, so below we detail exactly how to beat the Leviathan boss in Dead Space. Although this guide is for the remake, the general strategy for defeating Leviathan is the same if you play the original Dead Space.

If you’re looking for the Remnant variation instead, we have a page on the Leviathan Remnant boss fight in Chapter 8.

How to beat the Leviathan boss in Dead Space

The Leviathan is a big boss at the end of Chapter 6 that you must defeat while floating in zero gravity in the remake or jumping between surfaces in the original.

Before approaching the Leviathan, we recommend aiming and using Stasis to bring you containers and floating resources. It’s also a good idea to use Stasis to move the red canisters closer to you so they’re easily accessible during the fight.

The Leviathan will wake up when you get close enough, and you’ll know that a tentacle will attack you when it screams. Click R3 to boost to the end of this shout and dodge the attack.

The first thing you need to do to beat the Leviathan boss in Dead Space is wait until one of its tentacles attacks and then damage the attacking tentacle’s glowing sacs. You can use your long-range weapons like the plasma cutter or contact beam to damage the sack, or use Kinesis on the red canisters floating in the room and then throw them away.

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When you damage the Leviathan enough by shooting its tentacles, they will retract and the mouth in the middle will open, firing projectiles at Isaac. We recommend using your strongest ranged weapons to attack this mouth when it is open. The Contact Beam is ideal for this.

In the remake, when you damage the Leviathan’s mouth enough, gas will be released and the tentacles will attack you again. There is no gas in the original, but the tentacles will also return.

This is the final phase of the Leviathan boss fight, and you must alternate between damaging the mouth and the glowing tentacle sacs as they finally appear to defeat the Leviathan in Dead Space.

With the Leviathan dead, you can return to Hydroponics and conclude Chapter 6.

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