Today’s Wordle: 742 Hints and Clues of 1st July with Solution for Word Puzzle Game

Many games come and go but Wordle always stands out. With the first ray of day, Wordle lovers around the world open their eyes with the excitement of deciphering the Wordle of the day. No wonder the NYTimes Wordle is undoubtedly a popular web-based word game around the world. Excited for Wordle today? Wordle today is an easy word to understand but getting full scores in Wordle game with the help of exciting Wordle hints from Jagran Josh is a different kind of fun. Get the most out of Wordle today with our super cool tips. New to Wordle? Learn what the Wordle game is all about before you dive into our special Wordle of the Day tips. Once you become well acquainted with the Wordle game and its rules, it will be easy for you to get that winning squeal after cracking the Wordle of the day! Are you worried about whether you will be able to crack Wordle 742 on July 1, 2023? We are famous for providing Wordle answer along with interesting Wordle hints to make your Wordle game experience worthwhile.


What is Wordle?

Many web games come and go, but only a few are able to leave their mark. Wordle from the New York Times is one of those special word games. Simply put, Wordle is a web-based word game that asks players to guess a five-letter English word every day.

The fact that makes the Wordle game super exciting and difficult to crack is the fact that you can only solve it once a day. This means that if you miss the given number of opportunities in Wordle, you will lose the opportunity for the day. Deciphering the Wordle of the day becomes even more satisfying when you have interesting hints and clues to help you. That’s why we bring you our special Wordle tips so that you always come out a winner in the NYTimes Wordle game. Can’t wait to check out Wordle’s answer today? Without worries! We have indicated Wordle’s answer at the end for you!


How to play Wordle?

The NYTimes Wordle is not as simple as it seems. As stated above, it comes with a grid that has multiple squares. On the grid, you have 6 chances to guess a five-letter word.


The number of possibilities in Wordle.

With the Wordle daily word game, the player has only 6 chances a day to guess the Wordle word of the day.


Color codes in Wordle!

Once you start guessing, you will notice that some of the letters turn green, some yellow, and some gray. The green color symbolizes that you have put the correct letter in the right place. The yellow color means that the letter in that particular box is definitely there in Wordle’s Word of the Day, but you haven’t entered it in the right place. The gray color, on the other hand, simply means that the letter you have entered is not in Wordle’s word of the day.


This means that if you couldn’t guess the word on the first five tries, you’ll have to figure it out on the sixth. Don’t worry, you’ll get an idea of ​​the possible letters in the word after five tries thanks to the color indicators.

Is Wordle 742 getting difficult for you? That’s when you need our helping hand. Jagran Josh offers interesting tips that make his experience with Wordle easy.

Here are our exciting Wordle suggestions for today, July 1st!

Wordle 742 Track 1:

The word Wordle begins with a consonant.

Wordle 742 Track 2:

The word Wordle has either an “M” or an “L.”

Wordle 742 Track 3:

The last letter is also a consonant.

Wordle 742 Track 4:

Today’s Wordle has a vowel repeated twice.

Wordle 742 Track 5:

The vowel in the word is not “U.”

Here comes our most interesting section.

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Wordle 742- Super clue!

The Super Clue for Wordle 742 for July 1, 203 is:

The word Wordle rhymes with SLEEP.

The super clue must have made you crack the Wordle of the day.

Am I still confused?

Scroll down for the answer!

What is today’s Wordle response?

Wordle’s answer for Wordle 742, July 1, 2023, is


It was a fun day deciphering Wordle. Couldn’t Wordle today? No problem; there is always a next time!!

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