How to beat Hunter boss in Dead Space

The Hunter boss is an enemy that regenerates in both the Dead Space remake and the original.

Initially you will have to run away from the Hunter, but after collecting the liquid nitrogen, Isaac becomes trapped in a room with the death-defying enemy.

To save your ammo and health packs, below we detail exactly how to beat the Hunter boss in Dead Space, for both Chapter 5 and Chapter 10. Although this guide is for the new version, the general strategy for beating the Hunter is the same. if you are playing the original.

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How to beat the Hunter boss in Dead Space

Once you find the source of the transmission and close it in Chapter 5, you will be violently introduced to the Hunter.

The Hunter is a Regenerator-type enemy, meaning you can’t kill it with your weapons.

You will be trapped with the Hunter in this room for a while. All you have to do here is wait until Daniels opens the door back to Imaging Diagnostics. He uses Stasis and cuts off the Hunter’s legs to slow him down here.

Once the door is open, run away from the Hunter and follow the quest marker. You can pick up the Line Gun by opening a level 2 security clearance door while running away from the hunter.

Shortly after, you have to go to Cryogenics to get some liquid nitrogen. This is when the fight really begins, so keep in mind that you can only beat the Hunter while in Cryogenics in Chapter 5, or in the Executive Shuttle room in Chapter 10.

Dead Space Hunter boss strategy in Chapter 5

As soon as you collect the liquid nitrogen, the Hunter will appear again and you will be locked in Cryogenics with him. No one will open the door for you this time, so you’ll have to find a way to get rid of it on your own.

To beat the Hunter boss in Dead Space during Chapter 5, you must trap him in the cryo chamber with Kinesis and then freeze him from the control panel.

If you ever run out of stasis, there is a recharging station in the northwest corner of the room.

Firstly, we recommend killing the smaller enemies in the room first so you can lure the Hunter into the chamber without getting hurt. Cut off their tentacles to kill them quickly.

Once the smaller enemies are dead, enter the cryo chamber until the Hunter follows you, then use your Stasis to freeze him. Remove its paws, then use Stasis again when the first one is gone.

Finally, quickly run to the hallway opposite the cryogenic chamber and use the control panel to freeze the hunter.

While the Hunter was inside the cryogenic chamber when you used the control panel, it will be frozen and then transported to another location, leaving a tissue sample for the ‘Willful Negligence’ side quest.

You’ll have to wait a bit until the next battle with Hunter, but he’ll be just as strong when you fight him again in Chapter 10…

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Dead Space Hunter boss strategy in Chapter 10

It’s back! Fortunately, the method of defeating the Hunter in Dead Space Chapter 10 is almost identical to when you fought him in Chapter 5.

Once you test the Executive Shuttle’s engines for the first time, the Hunter and his companions will come after you.

To finally defeat the Hunter once and for all during Chapter 10, you must lure him behind the executive shuttle, use Stasis, then run back and test the engines again. The explosion will completely destroy the Hunter, allowing you to progress through the story.

Use Stasis on the Hunter behind the shuttle to prepare it for the test explosion.

If you’re having trouble getting the hunter to stay in stasis while you run back to test fire, we recommend cutting off his legs first with a weapon like the plasma cutter. This will slow the Hunter, even when the stasis wears off.

Just keep in mind that the Hunter’s legs will grow back after a while.

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