Fortnite Oracle’s Snapshot challenges, including The Test of Agility and Test of Wisdom answer

Oracle Snapshot is the name of the first set of story missions in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

In keeping with the Greek mythology theme of this season of Fortnite, in these challenges you will chat with The Oracle to find out why the Greek gods came to the island and what Zeus’ plan could be.

However, you must first prove your worth as a hero by passing the Test of Agility and the Test of Wisdom.

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Fortnite Oracle Snapshot Challenges Listed

Here are all the Oracle Snapshot challenges in Fortnite:

  1. Use a vision group to talk to the Oracle (1) – 10k XP
  2. Pass the agility test on restored reels (1) – 10k XP
  3. Pass the test of strength in Lavish Lair or Fencing Fields (1) – 10k XP
  4. Pass the Wisdom Test at a Vision Pool (1) – 10,000 XP
  5. Send a message to Hades by eliminating opponents (10) – 10k XP
  6. Use a Vision Pool to talk to Hades – (1) – 10k XP
  7. Pick up a Gatekeeper Shotgun then visit Grim Gate – (1) – 10k XP
  8. Damage Cerberus to assert your dominance (150 damage) – 10k XP
  9. Defeat a character in a duel or eliminate a god (1) – 10k XP
  10. Use a vision group to talk to Ares (1) – 10k XP
  11. Pick up a Warforged Assault Rifle then visit Pantheon Path (1) – 10k XP
  12. Damage Ares to bring war to the gods (150 damage) – 10k XP
  13. Help collect an Aspect of the Gods (1) – 10k XP
  14. Use a vision group to talk to the Oracle (1) – 10k XP

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When it comes to completing the above challenges, it is important to note that ‘Send a message to Hades eliminating opponents’ counts hostile NPCs. If you want to beat this challenge, visit a place where they’re hanging out, like the train station south of Lavish Lair, so advance your kill count a bit. Check out our best weapons page if you want help choosing the right weapon to fight a god.

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to defeat the boss for challenges 8, 11, and 13, just deal enough damage to complete the task. This means you are free to run away if you wish! However, we recommend continuing to fight Cerberus, as this will help you complete Challenge 9 and prevent you from having to start a completely new battle. (Unless you die, of course).

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You have until the end of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 to complete the Oracle Snapshots quest, so don’t feel like you have to rush. In fact, you may find some of them easier to complete some time after these missions have been released, as you are less likely to encounter players completing the same challenges as you.

Pass the agility test on restored reels in Fortnite explained

The Agility Test that you must pass in Restored Reels in Fortnite is a simple time trial; all you have to do is start the trial and jump through the hoops that appear around Restored Reels. Fortunately, the path you need to take is very obvious, leaving the only problem you may face being enemy players. For this reason, we recommend ensuring that the restored reels are empty before beginning the agility test.

The Agility Test begins at the northernmost temple in Restored Reels. If you’re having trouble finding it, keep track of the quest on your map or look for the building outside the main Restored Reels area.

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How to pass the Test of Strength in Fortnite

For the strength test in Fortnite, you must destroy 15 structures in 30 seconds.

While the Test of Strength can be completed in the Lavish Lair or Fencing Fields, we recommend completing it in the Lavish Lair as this mansion has many easy-to-destroy items. The enclosed space also means that another player is less likely to shoot you, which is a risk in Fencing Fields.

Simply land at the main gates of the Lavish Lair, where you’ll find The Test of Strength’s starting point at the start of the match. Now all you have to do is run around the mansion destroying flower pots, chairs, dressers and more, as these all count as “structures” despite being very fragile furniture.

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How to pass the Wisdom Test in Fortnite: Wisdom Test Answer

For The Wisdom Test in Fortnite, you simply need to visit one of the four Scrying Pool locations and answer a question.

The answer is banana. (Yes, it’s a play on words).

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If you want to learn more about Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, visit our pages on the Battle Pass, Scrying Pool locations, map, and Korra skin.

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