Forspoken Partha Dice, how often you can play and rewards explained

Partha in Forspoken is a small side game that can reward you with temporary upgrades to help you on your journey. However, it’s a gamble because you may end up with nothing and you’ll have to wait a while before trying again.

If you’re lucky and lucky, power-ups can be a great help in your adventures through Athia in Forspoken. That’s why we’re here to explain what Partha Dice are, how often you can cast them, and the rewards you can get from them.

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What are Partha dice in Forspoken?

Partha is a game of chance that uses dice with symbols. Frey can choose to roll Partha’s die and if it lands on a symbol, he will get a reward. They can be found in safe areas of Athia.

You will first meet Partha in the tavern below Auden’s house in Cipal. Head to the bar and look to the left until you see a small bowl. This is Partha, and all you need to do is walk towards him and then press the indicated control to interact with the bowl.

Forgotten, the Shadow Tree in Cipal with Partha's location circled
Your first Partha place is a bit tricky to see, it blends in with other bowls.

Then you will get two options, select “Why not?” if you want to play and select ‘No’ if you want to save it for later.

How often can you roll Partha Dice in Forspoken?

You can only cast Partha once per day in Forspoken.

Forgotten, Frey contemplates the land outside the borders of Cipal.
Choose your rolls wisely, power-ups can be a great help in complicated battles.

If you know you’re heading into a fight or exploring, we recommend rolling the Partha right before you leave. That way any temporary boosts will be active and more effective for you while you fight.

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Partha Dice Rewards

You can get different power-ups depending on which symbol Partha’s die lands on. If the die lands on a side that doesn’t have any symbols on it, you won’t get a reward and will have to wait until the next day to try again.

Forgotten, a Partha who has landed on the seed symbol is sitting in a bowl.

Boosts can include health boosts, magic boosts, and defense boosts. All of which is useful if you’re going up against hordes of enemies in The Break or if you’re about to take on a Tanta.

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