All diving challenge locations in Tchia and tips for getting gold

The diving challenges in Tchia allow you to jump off a platform and perform various tricks before entering the water. You will be scored based on the number of tricks you perform and how well you execute your dive.

The Tchia map is packed with things to do, and while there are only a few of these challenges, the diving challenges will test your timing. If you land wrong or catch Tchia on the edge of a rock, the challenge will end, even if you have a very high score.

We’re here to show you all the Tchia diving challenge locations, explain a little about how they work, and share our tips for getting gold.

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Diving challenges in Tchia

When you find a dive challenge, there will be a board nearby that will tell you the scoring system for that particular dive. Then you will have to jump from the end of the wooden platform to start the activity and dive into the water.

tchia diving challenge springboard
Some boards are quite high.

You can do tricks as you head into the water to improve your score. You need to pay attention to where you are and whether the move you want to make will take you too close to a rock, or if you will risk landing badly into the water.

To do tricks while diving, jump off the end of the wooden platform and open what is usually your “emotions” menu (the one that allows you to make Tchia make different faces or poses). When you are in the air, the menu will look like this:

Tchia Dive Challenge Action Menu Example

Just like you would choose an emotion, you can choose a move for Tchia to do as they dive into the sea. The more actions you take, the higher your score will be. However, your landing can make or break your dive. If you land on the water correctly you will get a good score, if you land wrong your score will be very low.

Tips for getting gold in diving challenges in Tchia

Now, on trampolines there are three different levels on the scoreboard that you can aim to reach. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Since Gold is the highest (and the one you need to complete your Journal entry), it’s probably the one you want the most.

tchia diving challenge marker

While diving, you can check your score by looking at the top of the screen:

tchia jumps off the board for the diving challenge

Every dive location is different and it may take a few tries to figure out how much time you have on the dive to perform certain tricks. However, we have some tips for getting Gold that can help you along the way:

  • Remember the landing: The key to performing a dive well and maintaining a high score is to make sure Tchia is looking down with his hands or feet toward the water. If you leave it too late, it can be difficult to correct the landing before reaching the water.
  • Perform a Combo: A combo can be performed by performing three of the four actions in a row without stopping. This can get you a high score very quickly.
  • Stay away from rocks: If you hit Tchia on any rocks, your entire dive will be ruined, even if you hit them while in the water.
  • Run, jump, dive – the platforms where the diving challenges begin are quite long. If you stand next to the marker and then run, jump to the end of the platform, and then dive into the water, you will have a fraction more airtime. This can make a difference in how much time you have to perform enough tricks.
  • If in doubt, restart: If you think you will not get the desired score for the dive, press the pause button and choose “restart the challenge”. This will take you back to the top of the trampoline and you can try again.

As we said before, it may take a few tries at each dive spot to figure out how much time you have before you hit the water, but we hope our tips will help you score gold in no time!

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All Tchia Diving Challenge Locations

There are five diving challenges in Tchia and we have marked them all on the maps below.


tchia diving challenge gutu map location

Jawe Boo

tchia jawe boo diving challenge map location


tchia diving challenge ita silibom map location

Pwärä Caa

tchia pwara caa diving challenge map location

Leji Sinöe/Mwaken Village

Tchia Diving Challenge Kavere Land Mwaken Village Map Location

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