Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fengxi boss tips and strategy

Fengxi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a large, boar-like demon that doesn’t think twice before jumping out and stomping you to death or charging at you with its large red fangs.

It’s the final boss you fight at the end of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s second mission, Two Chivalrous Heroes, where you’ve already fought a demonic beast. Zhao Yun, again, is available to help you, but this is a considerably tougher, faster-moving boss who can more or less crush you in one hit early on if you’re not prepared.

This guide will provide you with all the information and tips you will need to survive, so you can roast this pig and continue your journey through the rest of Three Kingdoms-era China.

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How to prepare for Fengxi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Fengxi has a huge starting morale of 20, double that of Zhuyan, meaning she will hit very hard. Also, by equipping yourself with better equipment, which is not easy in this early stage of Wo Long, you should try to increase your strength rank by placing battle flags so that your minimum morale is up to par. With all the battle flag locations available in this mission, you should be able to increase your Strength to 19, which will greatly even the odds.

This level also has the first Dragon Vein Crystal, which will increase your dragon’s healing pot usage by one. If you also have Absorb Vitality equipped as a sorcery spell, that will also help you recover HP when your attacks land, especially with Fatal Strikes. Don’t forget to also have Improved Defense to help reduce damage.

Don’t forget that in the previous fight with Zhuyan, you unlocked Qilin as your first divine beast, and you will see a text message to remind you of this potentially life-saving mechanic. Its gauge takes some time to fill up, however, so it may be helpful to take out a few enemies before approaching the boss to have it available to use.

How to defeat Fengxi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Fengxi’s attacks are Wo Long’s strongest yet, with her unblockable attacks capable of shooting you if your morale is low. There are some lit torches in the arena, but they are not any kind of cover, as you can walk through them. However, as with other bosses we’ve seen so far, all of these attacks can be deflected, but let’s go over the Demonic Boar’s attack patterns first.

The immediate attack charges you with its fangs. If you have a certain distance then you can anticipate the load; while this is also preceded by an animation of him hitting the ground with his helmet as if he were charging.

By swerving, you’ll have a brief window after the charge fails where you can land a few hits before it turns to meet you. Keep in mind that the 180 he does can damage you as he basically swings his fangs in your direction, so don’t be greedy with any attacks and be ready to block or deflect. Naturally, in any case, deflection is always better as it will improve your spirit gauge and reduce Fengxi’s.

It can also attack with its front hooves. In one attack, he lifts himself up slightly to knock down one of its hooves before doing the same to the other. His other attack has him try to stomp you with a three-hit jump combo. In the first two, he raises his two front hooves to attack you, but in the third he jumps high into the air to crash into you, although this gives you more time to anticipate a deflection. This jump attack can also occur without the combo.

Fengxi has two unblockable attacks that you need to pay attention to. One looks like a variation of its charging attack, except you can tell the difference by the ominous bright red glow, and instead of charging at you with its fangs, it will actually grab you with its mouth and bite you. If that didn’t kill you already, the damage when he throws you to the ground probably will. Deflect him, however, and you’ll knock him over onto his side, giving you a chance to deal damage; make sure to perform some spiritual attacks.

For his other unblockable attack, he rears up with his two rear hooves, towering over you, pausing briefly before falling to crush you. Again, you’ll deal massive damage if you get hit, but wait for it to come down and deflect. You’ll hit him from the side, giving you free rein to unleash your best spirit-reducing attacks.

Deflecting these unblockables and punishing them with spirit attacks will help push your spirit gauge even further to the negative side, as well as greatly reduce your upper limit, which is what you want so you can stagger Fengxi for a powerful Fatal Blow.

Like Zhuyan, this boss can also restore any lost morale after his health has been reduced to two-thirds, indicated by a demonic aura coming from the ground around him as he roars, which will push you back but It won’t hurt you.

If you want to continue with the offensive, it is highly recommended to summon Qilin since his attack causes enormous damage, which is also capable of knocking down Fengxi’s spirit and even staggering him with a single hit, it will make the fight much faster. We’d probably recommend using it to try to stagger the beast a second or third time, but managing to land three Fatala hits on it should be enough to kill it.

If you need help getting started in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, check out our tips and tricks for beginners. When it comes to bosses, we have strategies for Zhang Liang, Zhuyan, Fengxi, Zhang Bao, and Zhang Jiao. Don’t forget to check out our Marking Flags, Vengeance Flags locations, and how to feed Shitieshou guides too.

Fengxi Reward in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Killing Fengxi will net you 4,658 Qi and 3,943 Copper (these may vary depending on equipment equipped), while the beast also drops a Dizi Flute (4 stars) and a Lieutenant General’s Helmet (3 stars).

As this is the end of the quest, you will also receive Rank 1 Leather (x3), Yellow Turban Soldier Cap (x1), Yellow Turban Soldier Armor (x1), and Iron Sword (x1) as a reward for the first time. that you complete it.

As your ally Zhao Yun says, this victory brings you one step closer to peace, but many more trials and tribulations await you in Wo Long!

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