How to hack the keypad and find the warehouse clues in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

Hacking the keyboard and finding the clues in the Elysian Island warehouse in GTA Online is part of the Unusual Suspects mission in Last Dose, which is part of the Drug Wars DLC. Someone has taken Labrat and you, along with the rest of the Fooliganz, are on a mission to find out who.

After driving around several different locations in GTA Online, taking down enemies and threatening some suspects, you will eventually be directed to Elysian Island. Once there, the trail cools down. It’s up to you to find the warehouse, enter it and find out who has taken Labrat.

We’ll show you how to hack the keyboard and find the Elysian Island warehouse clues for the final dose in GTA Online. We’ll also save you some time by showing you exactly where the warehouse is.

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Location of the Elysian Island warehouse in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

When you get to the island, stop and open your map. The warehouse on Elysian Island is on the left side of the map and in the middle of the long gray rectangle highlighted on the map below:

GTA Online, Last Dose Unusual Suspects warehouse location on the map on Elysian Island.

If you find it difficult to locate the warehouse, drive slowly and keep an eye out for a 4×4 parked in front of one of the building’s closed shutters. Stop when you see one, as they are the warehouse marker.

The warehouse is also called “Walker Logistics”, so watch out for the sign above the doors.

Once you find the location of the warehouse, your map will show two keypads and these will give you the exact entrance to the building. The only problem is that the building is closed.

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How to hack the warehouse keyboard in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

Before attempting to hack the Elysian Island warehouse keypads, we highly recommend that you take out any of the guards outside. It’s much harder to get into a building while they’re trying to knock you down.

Once they are out of the way, head to the keyboard and interact with it. There are two keyboards, one on each side of the warehouse. No matter which side you choose to hack and enter, once the keypad is hacked, both sides of the warehouse will open.

To hack the warehouse keypad on Elysian Island in Unusual Suspects, you’ll need to solve a puzzle by lining up the spaces on the white bars with the red line in the middle of the screen.

The trick to getting the timing right is to look at the bar you’re on and click the action button just before the space hits the red bar. That way, when the game registers your click, it will have already aligned.

GTA Online, the keyboard hacking puzzle of the Unusual Suspects Last Dose mission

It may take a few tries, but once you have all the bars lined up, you’ll have hacked the keyboard.

Where to find all the warehouse clues in Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

When you’re in the warehouse, you’ll have a limited window to find some clues and send photos to Dax before the people in white coats come after you. There are five clues in total, and here’s where to find them all.

Track one

Head to the door closest to the water and look inside towards the warehouse. Then, look to your left. The track is right against the back wall of a workbench. It’s the key card on the bench, not the box.

GTA Online Keycard Clue to Unusual Suspects Mission at Bank

Track two

The next clue is to the right of the first (it should also be marked as a small camera icon on your minimap). There will be a stack of boxes and the clue is the open box on the floor.

Gta Online Unusual Suspects Friedmind Crate Clue

Track three

The next clue is at the doors closest to the water. Stand next to the doors and look into the warehouse. The clue is in front of the open doors on the floor, it is an open box full of weapons.

gta online unusual suspects warehouse clue three weapons box

After you find the third clue, you may find some company. Some of the ‘white coats’ will enter the warehouse but most will remain outside next to their cars. Take them out as you see fit and continue searching for clues. We’ve found that sticky bombs are the most effective for taking care of cars, and any old gun will do for those breaking into the warehouse.

Track four

The fourth warehouse clue is next to the door furthest from the water. Look towards the open door and then look to your right. There should be a notice board on the back wall, this is the next clue.

GTA Online Unusual Suspects Warehouse Clue Four Notice Board

Track five

The fifth and final clue is near the entrance closest to the water. Stand inside the warehouse and look towards these doors, then look to your left. You should see a set of red drawers.

The clue is on top of the red crates near the car seat. The green arrow should appear above the exact item once you get closer.

gta online unusual suspects track five

Grab the keycard and exit Elysian Island.

After finding the final clue, Dax will tell you to get out of there. Grab the keycard you found as part of your first clue, get into your vehicle, and leave Elysian Island.

There will be some ‘white coats’ around the warehouse, take care of them before trying to get to your car. We also had one hidden next to our car, so be careful.

gta online unusual suspects escaping elysian island
All you need to do is leave the island.

Once you get in your car, you may see some enemies following you on your minimap. All you have to do is keep driving without letting them catch you. Once you are off Elysian Island, the quest will be marked as completed and they will disappear.

Now you’re one step closer to finding out who took Labrat and how you can get it back!

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