Shiny Fennekin evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats and Delphox best moveset in Pokémon Go

Fennekin is trotting its way into May’s Community Day – a reoccurring Pokémon Go event that increases the spawn rate for a specific Pokémon, while also boosting shiny rates and offering an exclusive move, along with a whole host of other bonuses!

The Fox Pokémon’s Community Day event is long-awaited for two reasons: first, it bring yet another shiny starter Pokémon to Pokémon Go and, second, after Chespin Community Day in January it means we’re almost guaranteed a Froakie Community Day by the end of the year! Still, Fennekin will get mad if we make its Community Day about a Water-type, so getting back on track, this Community Day adds two new moves to its final evolution, Delphox’s move pool!

This event is also perfect for catching a Fennekin with 100% perfect IV stats and, if you achieve this feat, it’s a good idea to know Delphox’s best moveset.

Even if you’re not fussed on this month’s Community Day Pokémon, there are a multiple other bonuses that may get you out and about, including the much loved double catch Candy bonus.

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Fennekin’s 100% perfect IV stats in Pokémon Go

May’s Community Day is the perfect opportunity to find a Fennekin with perfect IV stats in Pokémon Go.


For Fennekin, the CP values which correspond to perfect 15/15/15 stats are as follows:

  • Level 30 (wild CP maximum) – 881 CP
  • Level 35 (weather boosted CP maximum) – 954 CP

Fennekin’s wild CP value aligns with your current Trainer Level until you reach Level 30, so, since the majority of the player base is above this level, we keep to these values for the sake of simplicity. If you’re currently beneath Level 30, however, these values will be different.

Perfect stats in Pokémon Go, however, depend entirely on what you want to use your Pokémon for.

A Pokémon that is perfect for the Master League and raids means exclusively 15/15/15 – the best possible stats that a Pokémon can have. Meanwhile, perfect for Great League and Ultra League are completely different, as the goal is to get the lowest attack for the highest defence, and getting that CP as close to the league’s cap as possible.

If you want to run Delphox in Go Battle League, you’re looking for different stats:

  • A perfect Great League Delphox is 0/11/14, reaching CP 1499 at Level 18.5
  • A perfect Ultra League Delphox is 1/15/15, reaching CP 2493 at Level 30.5
  • A perfect Master League Delphox is 15/15/15, reaching CP 3459 at Level 50

For once, this Community Day adds two new moves to the final evolution’s move pool. In this case, if you evolve a Braixen into a Delphox during the event window, it will learn the Charged move Blast Burn. However, should you so desire, the Community Day quietly rings in Mystical Fire being added to the pool. You will have to use a Charged TM if you want Mystical Fire — the question is whether you want to go to the effort.

Blast Burn offers 110 power for 50 energy, while Mystical Fire offers 60 power for 45 energy (probably) but decreases your opponent’s attack power. We say ‘probably’ because until it is added to the game, Niantic can still fiddle with the numbers. It’s extremely unlikely and very rare for this to happen though. Both options offer STAB and are an improvement on the current Fire-type choice, Flame Charge.

Fennekin evolution chart: What does Fennekin evolve into?

As hinted above, Fennekin evolves into Braixen, which in turn evolves into Delphox!

Everything in the Fennekin line is a Fire type, with Delphox gaining Psychic type. (Image credit:

Like all starter Pokémon, Fennekin has strong backing from a good portion of the player base, so if the cute, sassy fox is your favourite Gen 6 Pokémon, you’ll be looking forward to this one!

This Pokémon also features an interesting final evolution, with Delphox being the only Fire/Psychic in Pokémon Go (if we’re being pedantic, Victini is a Psychic/Fire type, but it’s functionally the same typing). Talking of pedantic, it’s a shame that baby foxes are called kits or cubs, because with Delphox’s fancy burning want, we’re dying to shoehorn in Harry Pupper jokes. Alas, perhaps next time.

If you want to learn more about the Fennekin line, you can read each Pokémon’s official Pokédex entry below:

  • Fennekin – Eating a twig fills it with energy, and its roomy ears give vent to air hotter than 390 degrees Fahrenheit [That’s 199 Celsius for almost everyone outside the US].
  • Braixen – It has a twig stuck in its tail. With friction from its tail fur, it sets the twig on fire and launches into battle.
  • Delphox – It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future.

Fennekin fans will enjoy collecting these cute Community Day stickers. (Image credit:

May’s Community Day event runs between 2pm and 5pm (local time), so you’ll have three hours to gather as much Fennekin Candy as possible.

You shouldn’t be hurting for Candy after three hour’s play, but if you can only get out for a small period of time, use Pinap Berries or Silver Pinap Berries to double the amount of Candy you earn from catching, and make sure to have a Fire-type Pokémon Mega Evolved – Mega Charizard, Mega Blaziken, Mega Houndoom, will do just fine.

Delphox moves and best moveset recommendation


Until now, Delphox’s biggest drawback was a mediocre Fire-type Charged attack. By adding not one, but two new alternatives, Delphox stands to make huge gains in Go Battle League.

No matter your league, we have a standout best moveset for your Delphox. But first, let’s look at the full move pool:

Delphox Fast Moves

  • Fire Spin (Fire)
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Scratch (Normal)

Delphox Charged Moves

  • Fire Blast (Fire)
  • Psychic (Psychic)
  • Flamethrower (Fire)
  • Flame Charge (Fire)
  • Blast Burn (Fire)
  • Mystical Fire (Fire)

So, it looks like we’re running Fire Spin (Fast), Psychic (Charged) and Mystical Fire (Charged).

All three attacks get STAB, and of the two new attacks, we want the weaker one that also makes our opponent weaker. In the long run, you will win more games with this Pokémon using this tactic.

This, of course, doesn’t make up for Delphox’s middling stats. Still, assuming this moveset, this is what we’re looking at for each of the leagues:

  • For Great League we have pure upside, but still nowhere near as good as Victini. It’s not a strong recommendation to run Delphox in this league, but if you do, you can expect wins against Abomasnow, Alolan Ninetails, Lucario, Magnezone and Steelix. Losses will come from Scrafty, Togedemaru, Trevenant, Shadow Beedrill and Vigoroth. It’s a mixed bag, sure, but it’s not great for you.
  • Ultra League is Delphox’s greatest showing, where it becomes a top-20 Fire-type. It’s still notably worse than Victini, but the match-ups are starting to look a little nicer. You can expect wins against Genesect, Virizion, Lucario, Registeel and Cobalion, which is decent. Losses will come from Gliscor, Charizard, Togedemaru and Shadow Steelix.
  • Finally, we have Master League. The stats just aren’t there to compete, but the highlights are that you beat Cobalion and Genesect, but lose to Lugia and Zacian.

All in all, it’s fair to say this is an improvement, and it makes Delphox a bit of a left-field choice for Ultra League, but you’re still far better off picking a stronger fire type if you want to be competitive.

The Season of Adventures Abound is here! Its first event is A Paldean Adventure, which sees the true release of Gen 9 and the A Paldean Adventure special research quest.

You can also work on the Timed Investigation: Master Ball quest and compete in the Go Battle League.

Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete Routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. This incense may also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

What do shiny Fennekin and Delphox look like?

The opportunity to catch a shiny form of the highlighted Pokémon is one of the biggest draws of any Community Day event. This is thanks to the increased shiny rate for the event’s highlighted Pokémon, along with the fact that Community Days often release a new shiny into the wild. In this case, Fennekin, Braixen and Delphox are all making their shiny debut!

To find a shiny Pokémon, you need to either start a catch encounter with a Pokémon in the wild or earn said encounter by completing an activity, like a beating a Raid boss, hatching an Egg or completing research task. From there, it’s easy to see if you’ve encountered a shiny Pokémon due to its alternative colouring, the sparkles which shine when the encounter begins and the shiny icon next to the Pokémon’s name.

You can take a look at shiny Fennekin and Delphox below:

Shiny Fennekin Family Comparisonby u/YelloWool in TheSilphRoad
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Thanks to Reddit user YelloWool for the preview!

As you can see, this is a really cool shiny, with both variation and similarities throughout the evolution line!

Shiny Fennekin swaps its yellow fur for silver, becoming a literal silver fox. The hair in its ears darkens slightly from orange to a slightly deeper red, but the whites and its eyes remain the same.

Shiny Braixen, it seems, liked keeping the whites and the ear thing, but opted for a luscious shade of purple instead of the grey. It’s a really effective shiny and we’re a fan.

Shiny Delphox looked at the two shinies before and took inspiration from both. The whites are conserved, but the yellows take shiny Fennekin’s silver, while the browns take shiny Braixen’s purple, but in a much darker shade. It’s a really cool shiny and we’re eager to get our hands (thumbs?) on one!

If you want to evolve shiny Fennekin, we recommend waiting until after the event, where you will have until five hours (until 10pm local time) to evolve it into a shiny Delphox and gain the exclusive move Aura Sphere. This way you’ll have ample time to, hopefully, catch a couple of shiny Fennekin, along with enough Candy to evolve at least one of them, without having to worry about sorting through your collection at the same time. Remember, it’s a good idea to check your shiny Fennekin’s stats, because it might have perfect IVs – making it even better for battle!

Other Fennekin Community Day bonuses


Community Days in Pokémon Go always come with a string of bonuses, and Fennekin Community Day is no different.

Some of these bonuses are always the same – like increased spawns and increased shiny rates. However, there is a rotating set of other bonuses that come with Community Days, such as double or triple catch Candy, Stardust or XP.

A full list of Fennekin Community Day bonuses can be found below:

  • Increased spawns
  • Increased shiny rate
  • Double catch Candy
  • Double chance to receive Candy XL from catching Pokémon (for trainers Level 31 and up). This stacks with your Mega Evolution bonus, so if you have an active Level 3 Mega Evolved Pokémon, you will have whatever ‘double excellent chance’ works out to be!
  • 3-hour Incense duration (excluding Adventure Incense)
  • 3-hour Lure duration (excluding Golden Lures)
  • Photobombs – Take a snapshot of your buddy to earn a surprise encounter with Fennekin (and increase your Cameraman medal) up to five times during the event.
  • Field Research – Spin Pokéstops to get event-exclusive tasks, similar to previous Community Day events. This is likely to be ‘Catch 3 Fennekin’ for a couple of Great Balls or Ultra Balls, Stardust, or a Fennekin encounter.
  • Special Research – For $1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you can take part in the exclusive Fennekin Special Research story, Fur and Flames (Guitar Hero 3 fans, rejoice!).
  • Stickers – Get event-themed stickers by spinning Pokéstops, opening Gifts and from the in-game shop.
  • One additional Special Trade can be made for a maximum of two for the day (until 10pm local time).
  • Trades made will require 50% less Stardust (until 10pm local time).
  • Exclusive move – Evolve Braixen during the event or up to five hours afterward to get a Delphox that knows the Charged attack Blast Burn (until 10pm local time).
  • New move – From the start of the event onwards, Delphox can learn the Charged attack Mystical Fire (remember, if you want this attack, wait until after 10pm local time for a chance to learn it – there is still a chance that you will have to use a Charged TM to get this attack though!)
  • Fennekin raids – After the three-hour Community Day event ends, Trainers will be able to take on four-star Raid Battles. Defeating Fennekin will cause Fennekin to appear in a 300m radius around the Gym for 30 minutes. Note: Remote Raid Passes cannot be used for these raids, and the Fennekin that spawn will have the increased shiny rate that they did during the three-hour Community Day window!

We hope you enjoy Fennekin’s Community Day, and good luck finding a perfect shiny!

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