Personality Test: What Your Face Shape Say About Your Personality?

Face Shape Personality Test: Your face holds the secrets of your personality. Let’s first understand what a person’s personality is. Personality is the combination of emotion, behavior, motivation, intelligence, and characteristics of an individual’s thinking patterns. Data collected through physiognomy has revealed that there is a link between the human face and personality traits. The findings strongly support that facial images of both men and women can predict their personality traits. An increasing number of studies have linked personality traits to face shape. These studies answer some burning questions: Does face shape determine personality? What is the most attractive face shape? And the answer is yes, these studies have demonstrated some fascinating truths about human personality traits by analyzing face shape.

Read on to find out what your face shape says about your personality. In this article, we explore the personality traits of each of the 4 types of face shapes: oval, square, round, and heart-shaped.

Face Shape Personality Test: What Does Your Face Say About You?

If you are curious about your personality traits based on your face shape, then this article is for you. Look in the mirror or take a selfie to assess your face shape. Is it oval, diamond, square, round or heart shaped? Discover fascinating truths about your personality traits below.

Face Shape Personality Test

#1 Personality with an oval face shape

Oval Face Shape PersonalityOval face shape personality traits reveal that you are methodical, ambitious, practical and highly successful. You don’t settle for things. You also do not tolerate bad actions. You may also face a lot of criticism for making noise against injustice. Although the good thing about you is that you have a knack for balancing things. You lead a life with certain rules and principles. You may not be a big fan of the norms set by society. He knows how to express his point of view backed by facts. You have an independent thinking style. You don’t like being caged in one place or in a routine. You love the outdoors, where you can feel more active and creative. You may be a mix of introversion and extroversion. You can also be quite charming in the way you talk, walk, interact with people, or present yourself. You may have been told that people feel comfortable in your presence. You may be good at making others feel good.

Key Personality Traits: Methodical, ambitious, practical, high-achieving, dislikes society’s norms and mundane routines, a mix of introversion and extroversion, good at making others feel good.

Did you know?

The oval face shape has been found to be the most ideal and attractive face shape in the world.

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#2 Square Face Shape Personality

Square Face Shape PersonalitySquare face shape personality traits reveal that you are stubborn, very active and energetic, analytical and resourceful. You are immensely proactive, which means taking control of situations to get things done. It doesn’t wait until there is a problem, takes active steps to avoid it, and produces good results. This quality makes you a calm person who has everything under control even in the most stressful situations. You enjoy working on big projects that have the potential to make an impact. You may exude exceptional leadership qualities. Along with his business acumen, he also makes good decisions.

Key Personality Traits: Stubborn, very active, energetic, analytical, resourceful, proactive, calm in stressful situations, leader and good decision maker.

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#3 Heart Face Shape Personality

Heart face shaped personalityHeart face personality traits reveal that you have great imagination, creativity, memory, good perception, business skills, and strong intuition. These qualities also indicate that you have a high level of emotional intelligence. You may be stubborn, stubborn, and have incredible inner strength. You may be pushy and uncompromising at times. If you set a goal, you will stop at nothing until you achieve it. You don’t like to sit around doing nothing. You like to work on clever projects and puzzles that keep testing your intelligence level.

Key Personality Traits: Imagination, Creativity, Memory, Good Perception, Business Skills, Intuitive, High Emotional Intelligence, Determined, Stubborn, and Loves to Solve Complex Problems.

Did you know?

Scientific studies have found that the heart-shaped face shape is one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing.

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#4 Round Face Shape Personality

Round Face Shape PersonalityRound face shape personality traits reveal that you can be a soft-spoken, sociable, kind, loving, and generous (sometimes overly generous) person. These qualities also make you generous and helpful. You may find joy in helping others. However, this could lead to often forgetting your own needs. You may be compassionate, calm, tolerant and good at interpersonal relationships. However, you may often feel hurt due to too much generosity and altruism. You can also be very optimistic and believe in doing good deeds. You may often be told that you look innocent or have a baby face.

Key Personality Traits: Soft-spoken, sociable, kind, loving, generous (sometimes too generous), compassionate, calm, tolerant and good at interpersonal relationships.

A little about artificial intelligence and personality tests

Physiognomy is a pseudoscience that studies the characteristics and personality traits of humans based on their face. Various departments of renowned universities such as the department of computer science and engineering, etc., also conduct various personality tests based on facial features in the field of psychology with AI to evaluate the personality traits of real people.

Experts in the computing and technology community have long been designing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) models to assess people’s personality traits based on their facial features. These models map a person’s facial appearance onto the Big Five indicators of personality: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. In a recent study using deep learning, the University of South Australia showed that there is a link between human eye movements and personality traits.

With deep learning at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, we are entering a new era of AI technology in the world of psychology. In the future, we could see a shift in user experience towards incorporating personality into AI chatbots. This would mean using AI to assess human personality traits, behavior, motivations and communication styles, and how certain personality types interact with their environment and respond to different circumstances. With AI, it’s an exciting time for the field of psychology.

The 10 best races for each face shape

The link between face shape personality traits and career choices is complex. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the best career for you will depend on your individual personality traits, interests, intelligence, and abilities. However, there are some top 10 careers that you can consider based on your face shape.

oval face shape

square face shape

heart face shape

round face shape

Career Options:



News anchor/television presenter


Marketing/advertising executive

Government jobs



Software Developer/Programmer


Career Options:

C-Suite Business Leader


Athlete/Sports Coach


Financial analyst

Military/defense personnel

Fashion designer


Project Manager

IT specialist


Career Options:

Social worker

Customer service

Sales/Marketing Professional

Makeup artist


Travel blogger/influencer

Public Relations Specialist

Human Resources


Interior designer

Career Options:

Wellness Coach

yoga instructor

Graphic Designer/Illustrator


Early Childhood Educator

Event coordinator

Social worker

Hotel Management/Hospitality

Sales and Marketing

Nonprofit work

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