Types of law practices in India!

Gone is the time when Law was a career with limited opportunities. Today, the field of law is brimming with not one but a wide range of opportunities; They all come with more lucrative opportunities. Let us discuss the different types of legal practices in India.

Types of Law Practices in India

Go ahead and read about the different types of legal practices in India.

Corporate Laws

First on the list is corporate laws. Here, a particular firm provides corporate legal services to companies, entities, individuals, associations, owners, partnerships, and associations.

Tax Laws

Second on the list is tax laws. Here the lawyers work with individual accounts. They thoroughly understand the various tax laws and guidelines. The primary responsibility of the lawyer is to help individuals or organizations to resolve ongoing legal issues with the Indian Revenue Service.

personal injury law

This is when attorneys help people with personal injuries and accidents. Whether people are wandering or vacationing abroad, they can get caught up in injuries and accidents. The job of a personal injury lawyer is to defend victims of accidents and injuries.

Criminal law

This is a popular and perhaps an important reason why many people choose to enter the legal profession. Criminal defense lawyers are specialists in delving into the country’s penal code. They know how to present the case in court formally and firmly. These attorneys prosecute or defend criminal legal cases. The work of these lawyers also involves thinking outside the box.

family law

Family lawyers deal with an individual’s personal problems. These may include, but are not limited to, child custody issues, separation, alimony, family disputes, juvenile delinquency cases, family-related concerns, and more.

Intellectual Property Law

Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property participate in this field. These lawyers defend the rights of their clients who are companies, artists, writers or scientists. Intellectual property law protects real assets like great brands, symbols, discoveries, and more.

Public Interest Law

This field of law involves a public interest attorney dealing with cases where people are willing to fight for their public interest. Typically, lawyers working in this field are government lawyers who work for non-profit organizations and the government.

Labor and Employment Law

In this field, lawyers work for employers, employees, and organizations. These attorneys handle cases involving discrimination, compensation, and issues of wages and maximum hours, compensation, etc.

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