Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 – Animals with High Worth

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023

There are individuals around the globe who have an immense love for animals and are willing to go to great lengths to own them. For these animal enthusiasts, the cost of an animal is often irrelevant. Animals have proven to be loyal, great companions and have been known to reduce stress levels.

Some animals are extremely unique and rare, making them the most expensive animals in the world. Every year, millions are spent on the purchase of these animals, setting new price records. Here are the top 10 most expensive animals in the world that will leave your pockets empty, yet animal lovers can get a better idea of what types of animals to purchase.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 expensive animals in the world. We suggest you to go through the article completely for more interesting information.

Top 10 Expensive Animals in the World

Here is the list of the top 10 expensive animals in the world:



Cost (Approx.)


Arabian Horse

$ 100,000


Lavender Albino Ball Python 

$ 40,000



$ 15,000


Tibetan Mastiff

$ 582,000


Miss Missy

$ 1,200,000


De Brazza’s Monkey

$ 7000 to $ 10,000


Sir Lancelot Encore

$ 155,000


White Lion Cubs

$ 140,000


Green Monkey

$ 16,000,000


Chinese Crested Dog

$ 5000


1. Arabian Horse – $ 100,000 approx.

The Arabian horse is a highly esteemed and prized breed of horse that traces its origins back to the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world and has a unique appearance that sets it apart from other breeds. The Arabian horse is known for its distinctive head shape, which features a dished profile and large nostrils, as well as its high tail carriage and chiselled neck. These features make the Arabian horse a truly magnificent and regal animal.

In addition to its physical attributes, the Arabian horse is also known for its intelligence, loyalty, and endurance. These qualities have made it a popular choice for horse enthusiasts and riders all over the world. The Arabian horse is used for a variety of purposes, including horse shows, racing, endurance riding, and as a family pet.

Due to its beauty, grace, and unique characteristics, the Arabian horse is highly sought after and can be quite expensive. Prices can range up to $100,000 or more depending on the animal’s pedigree, training, and other factors. Despite the cost, many horse enthusiasts consider the Arabian horse to be a valuable and worthwhile investment.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

2. Lavender Albino Ball Python – $ 40,000 approx.

The Lavender Albino Ball Python is a highly sought-after snake breed that is known for its unique and striking appearance. With a reported cost of up to $40,000, these pythons are highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

As a product of recessive genes, the Lavender Albino Ball Python is a rare breed that features yellow markings and striking red eyes. These features give the snake a distinct “ball” coloration and a highly contrasting appearance, which is why it is also referred to as the “High Contrast” snake.

Due to their unique appearance, Lavender Albino Ball Pythons are often kept as pets by snake enthusiasts and collectors. However, it’s important to note that these snakes require specific care and attention to ensure their health and well-being. Proper diet, temperature regulation, and living environment are all critical factors in maintaining the health of these snakes.

Despite their high cost and unique appearance, it’s important to remember that Lavender Albino Ball Pythons are living creatures that require proper care and attention. If you’re considering getting one as a pet, it’s important to do your research and ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and resources to provide for the snake’s needs.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

3. Sheepdog – $ 15,000 approx.

The Sheepdog, also known as the Border Collie, is a highly intelligent breed of dog with a unique set of skills. Originally from Britain, they are often used to herd and manage sheep. With a reported cost of up to $15,000, these dogs are highly valued for their abilities and are sought after by farmers and ranchers around the world.

Sheepdogs are known for their incredible energy and work ethic. They are capable of covering up to 50 miles a day, herding and managing large flocks of sheep with ease. These dogs are often seen in action during “sparkling displays” on trial fields, where they demonstrate their incredible ability to control and direct large groups of sheep.

Beyond their impressive herding skills, Sheepdogs are also known for their intelligence and trainability. They are highly responsive to their owner’s commands and can learn a wide variety of tasks and behaviors. This makes them a popular choice for dog sports and activities such as obedience training, agility, and flyball.

Despite their high energy and intelligence, Sheepdogs also make excellent family pets. They are loyal and affectionate to their owners, and their gentle nature makes them great companions for children and adults alike. Overall, the Sheepdog’s unique set of skills and lovable personality have made it a beloved breed around the world.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

4. Tibetan Mastiff – $ 582,000 approx.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a remarkable and majestic breed of dog that originates from Tibet. It is renowned for its imposing size and lion-like appearance. With a reported cost of up to $582,000, the Tibetan Mastiff is also considered one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

The Tibetan Mastiff’s luxurious and thick coat comes in various colours such as brown, black, white, and red, and it has long been considered a symbol of wealth in Tibetan society. These dogs are known for their loyalty and protective instincts, making them excellent guard dogs that are trained to protect homes, livestock, and even palaces.

One of the most amazing qualities of the Tibetan Mastiff is its ability to defend itself and its owners from predators. They have been known to fight off tigers and other large predators in order to protect their families and livestock. This strength and bravery have made the Tibetan Mastiff highly respected and sought after in many parts of the world.

However, owning a Tibetan Mastiff is not without its challenges. They require a lot of space, exercise, and socialization to stay healthy and happy. They can also be stubborn and independent, making them challenging to train. Despite these challenges, the Tibetan Mastiff’s unique beauty, loyalty, and protective instincts have made it a beloved and highly prized breed of dog for many centuries.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

5. Miss Missy – $ 1,200,000 approx.

Miss Missy is an exceptional and rare cow of the Holstein breed, known for its ability to produce a staggering 50% more milk than an average cow. With a reported cost of up to $1,200,000, Miss Missy has earned the title of the most expensive cow in the world.

Miss Missy’s impressive milk production is not her only accolade. She has also won numerous competitions and awards, including the title of Grand Champion of all breeds. Her exceptional qualities have made her a highly sought-after animal for breeding and dairy purposes.

The Holstein breed is known for its high milk production and is a popular choice among dairy farmers worldwide. However, Miss Missy’s abilities are truly exceptional and have made her a standout in the industry. Her impressive milk production has made her a valuable asset to the dairy industry, and her genetic traits have been sought after by breeders around the world.

While the cost of Miss Missy may seem astronomical to some, it is a testament to the value placed on exceptional animals in the agricultural industry. Miss Missy’s abilities have not only made her a prized animal for her owners but have also contributed to the overall production of the dairy industry.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

6. De Brazza’s Monkey – $ 7000 to $ 10,000  approx.

De Brazza’s monkey is a fascinating and unique primate that can fetch a high price, with costs ranging from $7,000 to $10,000. The monkey is named after a French explorer who discovered it in the late 19th century, and it is one of the oldest known species of monkey.

Despite its age, De Brazza’s monkey remains a mysterious and elusive creature. There is only one recognized species of De Brazza’s monkey, and it is known for its remarkable ability to hide in its surroundings, making it difficult to spot. This elusive behavior is partly due to their natural habitat, as they are primarily found in dense forests and swamps in Africa.

De Brazza’s monkeys are known for their strong family bonds and social hierarchies. They are intelligent and capable animals that take on the role of guarding their families and leading their social groups in the jungle. They can live up to 30 years in the wild, and their population is currently stable.

While De Brazza’s monkeys are a popular choice for exotic pet collectors, it is important to note that owning an exotic animal comes with significant ethical and legal responsibilities. These animals require specialized care and a suitable living environment to ensure their health and well-being, and it is important to carefully consider these factors before deciding to bring one into your home.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

7. Sir Lancelot Encore – $ 155,000 approx.

Sir Lancelot Encore is a unique and fascinating animal that has made history as the world’s first cloned dog. This remarkable dog has earned the title of the most expensive animal in the world, with a reported cost of up to $155,000.

The story behind Sir Lancelot Encore is a touching one. The dog’s owners, Edgar and Nina Otto of Florida, had a beloved pet dog named Lancelot who they tragically lost to cancer in 2008. Devastated by the loss of their beloved companion, the couple made the decision to clone Lancelot’s DNA in the hope of recreating their beloved pet.

Through the process of cloning, Sir Lancelot Encore was born, and he quickly became a sensation in the animal world. In 2009, he became the winner of the Bio-arts auction in San Francisco, making him the most expensive animal in the world.

While the cloning of animals remains a controversial and often debated topic, the story of Sir Lancelot Encore is a testament to the deep bonds that can form between pets and their owners. The Otto family’s decision to clone their beloved pet speaks to the incredible love and affection that people can have for their animal companions.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

8. White Lion Cubs – $ 140,000 approx.

White lion cubs are a rare and highly coveted species of lion, with a reported cost of up to $140,000. The origins of the white lion can be traced back to their discovery in the Timbavati region of South Africa in 1938. The distinctive white coat of the lions is caused by a genetic mutation that affects their coat pigmentation, and it is believed that this mutation is the result of recessive genes inherited from both parents.

White lions are a striking sight with their snowy-white coats and piercing blue or light-colored eyes. Due to their rarity and unique appearance, they have become a sought-after attraction for luxury African safaris. However, because of their rarity, they are difficult to find in the wild, and it is rare to see a pride of white lions together.

In the past, white lions have been hunted and poached for their unique appearance, but today, they are protected under South African law. Conservation efforts have been put in place to help protect and preserve the white lion population, as well as to promote responsible tourism and protect their natural habitats.

Despite their high cost, white lion cubs continue to be a popular choice for those seeking a unique and exotic addition to their private collections. However, it is important to note that owning exotic animals comes with significant ethical and legal responsibilities, and should only be considered after careful consideration of the animal’s welfare and well-being.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

9. Green Monkey – $ 16,000,000 approx.

The Green Monkey is a unique and fascinating animal that is actually a racehorse, despite its name. It is considered to be one of the most expensive, rare, and beautiful horses in the world, with a reported cost of approximately $16,000,000.

The Green Monkey, also known as Forestry, is an American racehorse that made headlines for its impressive speed and agility. According to a CNBC report, it completed its first race in just under 9.8 seconds for an eighth of a mile, a remarkable feat in the racing world.

Unfortunately, the Green Monkey’s career was cut short by an injury that prevented it from continuing to race. Despite this setback, the horse remains a legend in the world of horse racing and continues to be admired for its beauty, speed, and athleticism.

Although the cost of the Green Monkey may seem staggering, it is not uncommon for top-performing horses to fetch high prices at auctions and sales. These horses are often considered to be valuable investments due to their potential to earn large sums of money through racing and breeding.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

10. Chinese Crested Dog – $5000 approx.

The Chinese Crested Dog is a unique and distinctive breed of dog that is known for its hairless appearance, with only a small amount of hair found on their paws and face. Despite their lack of fur, they have soft and smooth skin that is pleasing to the touch. They typically weigh around 10 pounds or less, making them a popular choice for those seeking a smaller-sized companion.

Interestingly, the Chinese Crested Dog is one of the most expensive breeds to buy, with prices reaching up to $5000 for a purebred puppy. This is due in part to their rarity, but also to their unique appearance and popularity among dog enthusiasts.

One particularly famous Chinese Crested Dog was Sam, who won the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition for three consecutive years from 2003 to 2005. While the competition may seem harsh or unkind, it has helped to raise awareness and appreciation for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and appearances.

Despite their appearance, Chinese Crested Dogs are affectionate, loyal, and intelligent companions that make great pets for those who are willing to provide them with the love and attention they need.

Most Expensive Animal in the World 2023 - Animals with High Worth

What is the Most Expensive Animal in the World?

The Green Monkey is not a monkey, but a Thoroughbred racehorse named after a breed of monkey due to its greenish coat. It is known to be the most expensive horse ever sold, with a price tag of approximately $16 million. The horse was purchased as a yearling in 2006 by Coolmore Stud, a prominent breeding operation in Kentucky.

The Green Monkey had an impressive debut in his first race, finishing an eighth of a mile in just under 9.8 seconds, but suffered an injury soon after and was unable to continue his racing career. Despite his short-lived racing career, the Green Monkey’s high price tag remains a notable feat in the world of horse breeding and racing.

However, things did not go as planned for the Green Monkey. He suffered an injury shortly after his first race and was forced to retire from racing. Despite his short career, the horse remains famous for his record-breaking debut and his astronomical price tag.

In addition to his racing career, the Green Monkey has also had a successful career as a breeding stallion. He currently stands at stud at Hartley/De Renzo Thoroughbreds in Florida, where his stud fee is $5,000.

Other Expensive Animals in the World

White Peacock – Cost: Approximately up to $5000: These are rare and unique birds that are native to India, and known for their beautiful white feathers.

Hyacinth Macaw – Cost: Approximately up to $20,000: These are one of the largest species of parrots in the world, and are native to South America. They are known for their vibrant blue feathers.

Snow Macaque – Cost: Approximately up to $10,000: These monkeys are native to Japan, and are known for their white fur and red face. They are popular as pets in some parts of the world.

Savannah Cat – Cost: Approximately up to $20,000: These cats are a hybrid breed between a domestic cat and an African serval. They are known for their distinctive spotted coat, and are often compared to a small leopard.

Palm Cockatoo – Cost: Approximately up to $16,000: These birds are native to Australia, and are known for their unique crest and large beak. They are also known for their loud calls and intelligent behavior.

These are just a few examples of the many expensive and unique animals that people around the world are willing to pay top dollar for.

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