Odd One Out Puzzle: Do You Have A Super Attentive Brain To Find The Odd Burger Hidden In The Picture? 19 Seconds Left!

Escape from your daily routine and enjoy this unique and super engaging puzzle quiz. These types of questions are asked in almost all exams to evaluate cognitive abilities and skills. Finding the odd one is the technique of choosing a different option based on some parameters.

JagranjoshSource: Brightside.com

Unlike the image above, you must use general logic and common sense to find the answer. And seriously, it’s not that difficult, all you have to do is use your observation skills without missing any clues.

What is an Odd One Out puzzle?

The strange is an important section of logical reasoning. Check students’ observation and general understanding. It is necessary to mark a different option from the lot based on a logical reason. Additionally, you need to have an unparalleled mindset, along with exceptional creativity and logical reasoning.

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About this Odd One Out puzzle image

The image is from the Brightside testing section. However, Brightside gives more credit to Pixabay for these delicious burgers. A total of 70 burgers are lined up in rows and columns, and your task is to find the odd one.

How to find the strange image?

Choosing the odd character refers to finding the odd character. And to locate some strange image, you really need to focus on the big and small details, the color, the shape, the type, the category and whatever else comes to mind.

Some basic tips you can follow:

  • Divide the image into sections.
  • Carefully compare all the options given.
  • Make small groups of images.
  • Don’t complicate your thoughts.
  • The first choice you make may be the right one most of the time.
  • Now, finally, circle the odd one in the question.

Remember that you only have 19 seconds to complete this mental exercise.




Find the answer to the riddle here:

JagranjoshSource: Brightside.com

The one surrounded does not have a slice of cheese compared to other burgers in the picture.

I’m sure you had fun. Strange and unique puzzles are good for strengthening the connection between brain cells and increasing your mental agility. Stay tuned to Jagranjosh to enjoy more of this mental exercise.

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