Fortnite Grapple Glove locations and how to use Grapple Glove explained

The Grappling Glove is a new item added to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 that allows you to quickly traverse the island.

The item is very similar to the web launchers available in previous Fortnite seasons, with a few modifications.

Below you can find a list and map of Grapple Glove locations and how to use Grapple Glove in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Grappling Glove Locations

You can obtain a Grappling Glove by eliminating an enemy player who has one in their inventory or by finding one of the 10 Grappling Glove locations in Fortnite.

The Grappling Gloves are located in special pink tool boxes beneath the pink Grappling Stops, which resemble cranes.

Keep an eye out for the pink grappling stops to locate a grappling glove.

These grab stops are located:

  • Northeast of the condo canyon
  • North of Synapse Station
  • Southwest of Greasy Grove
  • North of Rocky Reels
  • East of the leaning towers
  • Among the eastern islands on Los Jonses
  • East of the Daily Bugle
  • East of Shifty Shafts
  • Northwest Logjam Lumberyard
  • Inside the Rave Cave

Each Grapple Stop contains several pink toolboxes, but you can only pick up one Grapple Glove at a time.

Still, multiple spawns are useful if you find a Grapple Glove location while playing in a squad, or if an enemy player reaches a Grapple stop before you.

While you can only pick up one Grappling Glove, the pink boxes containing them are also a source of ammo loot, so be sure to open them if your weapons are running low on ammo.

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How to use the grapple glove in Fortnite

To use Grapple Gun in Fortnite, switch it in your inventory, then aim where you want to turn and hold down the same input you use to fire weapons. This will propel you to your marked location and you can line up another shot while swinging to continue using the grappling gun until you run out of “ammo” or reach your destination.

You can’t fight in every part of the environment, so look for the white circle that appears indicating where you can use the grapple.

This white reticle means you can use the Grapple Glove.

Don’t worry if you hit the ground while swinging, as you will continue moving as long as you have some momentum. You can even continue swinging after landing on the ground if you hold onto something for a few seconds.

When you finish swinging or have been on the ground for too long, the grip glove will enter a recovery period. The longer you have been using the claw, the longer the cooldown will be.

You can only hold one grappling glove at a time, and you can’t pick up more “ammo” if you find another one. You’ll just have to let go of the one you have to grab another hook.

In addition to being a useful tool for traveling long distances around the island, the Grappling Glove can be used to collect loot from afar or in inconvenient places. You can do this as many times as you want as there is no cooldown period.

Aim at the loot to grab it towards you.

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