Odd One Out Puzzle: Can You Find The Birdie Different From Others In The Flock Within 11 Seconds? Try Your Luck!

Do you pay attention to even the smallest details? Almost all sets of mental exercises include odd-numbered puzzles to test students’ cognitive skills and abilities. Finding the stranger is a strategy for selecting an alternative option based on a set of criteria.

Do you see any strange birds here?Source: Brightside.com

Unlike the image above, you need to use common sense and broad reasoning to find the solution. It’s really not that difficult; All you have to do is use your powers of observation to spot any clues.

What is an Odd One Out puzzle?

An essential component of logical reasoning is the odd. Evaluates students’ ability to observe and understand concepts in general. A different option should be crossed out from the selection for a logical reason. In addition to excellent creativity, logical reasoning and a unique attitude, you also need to be able to think outside the box.

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About this Odd One Out puzzle image

The image is from the Brightside testing section. However, Brightside gives more credit to Depositphotos for the image of the birds singing. A total of 60 birds are lined up in rows and columns, and your task is to find the odd one.

How to find the strange image?

Finding the odd is known as choosing one different from the others. You must pay close attention to all the small and large details, colors, shapes, types, categories and everything you can think of to find the odd image.

Some basic tips you can follow:

  • Divide the image into sections.
  • Carefully compare each of the available options.
  • Create compact image collections.
  • Keep your thinking simple.
  • Most of the time, your initial selection was the best.
  • Finally, circle the answer that stands out as odd.

Remember that you only have 11 seconds to complete this mental exercise.




Find the answer to the riddle here:

The strange bird of the flock is here.Source: Brightside.com

The one in the circle only has two strands of hair on his head.

You sure had fun. Strange and unique puzzles can help you become more mentally agile by strengthening connections between brain cells. To get more out of this mental exercise, keep an eye on Jagranjosh.

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