Most Richest YouTubers in Nigeria in 2023 – Top 10 Trend Setters

Most Richest YouTubers in Nigeria in 2023

In 2023, Nigeria’s YouTube scene is ablaze with a dazzling array of content creators who have not only captured the hearts of millions but also amassed incredible wealth through their online endeavors. These YouTubers have harnessed the power of the platform to share their unique talents, stories, and insights, transforming themselves into some of the richest individuals in the country.



Net Worth (in USD)


Mark Angel

$1.9 million



$1 million


Dimma Umeh

$0.2 million


Edith Skin Doctor

$1 million


Broda Shaggi

$1 million



$0.8 million 


Kassim Braimah

$0.99 million 


Toke Makinwa

N/A (multiple income streams)


Lasisi Elenu

$0.8 million (800,000)


Tomi Colour Pavilion

N/A (multiple income streams)

From engaging vlogs to entertaining skits, educational channels to lifestyle gurus, Nigeria’s most affluent YouTubers cover a wide spectrum of content. Their success is not just about financial gain but also about the profound impact they have had on their audiences, inspiring and entertaining viewers on a daily basis.

As we delve into the world of Nigeria’s most prosperous YouTubers, you’ll discover their rise to fame and fortune, the genres that define their content, and the dedication that has propelled them to the zenith of online stardom. Their stories are a testament to the immense opportunities that the digital age has brought forth, as well as a reflection of the diverse interests and passions of the Nigerian people.

Top 10 Most Richest YouTubers in Nigeria in 2023

Whether you’re a fan of tech reviews, comedy sketches, or cooking tutorials, this exploration of Nigeria’s wealthiest YouTubers in 2023 promises to introduce you to a remarkable group of content creators who have not only harnessed the power of the internet but have also redefined what it means to be a successful entrepreneur in the digital era. Join us on this journey as we unveil the stories, the personalities, and the impressive bank accounts of Nigeria’s YouTube elite.


1. Mark Angel – $1.9 million

Mark Angel, the renowned Nigerian YouTube sensation, continues to dominate the YouTube scene in Nigeria in 2023. With a staggering net worth of $1.9 million, he remains the wealthiest YouTuber in the country. Mark Angel is best known for his comedy skits, which resonate with audiences of all ages. His content often features child actors like Emmanuella, who has become an internet sensation in her own right.

Mark’s success can be attributed to his consistent output of high-quality, family-friendly content. He has managed to strike a perfect balance between humor and relatability, making his channel a go-to destination for many Nigerians seeking entertainment and laughter. This has translated into a substantial income through ad revenue, merchandise sales, and live show appearances.

In addition to his YouTube earnings, Mark Angel has expanded his brand into other ventures, such as film production and comedy tours, further contributing to his wealth. His journey from a struggling comedian to Nigeria’s richest YouTuber is truly inspiring.

2. SamSpedy – $1 million

SamSpedy, born Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo, has made a significant impact on the Nigerian YouTube scene. With an impressive net worth of $1 million in 2023, he has secured a spot among the country’s richest YouTubers. SamSpedy is renowned for his entertaining and engaging vlogs, pranks, and lifestyle content.

What sets SamSpedy apart is his ability to connect with his audience authentically. His content often revolves around relatable life experiences, family, and cultural aspects that resonate with Nigerians and the global African diaspora. This connection has translated into a loyal fan base and substantial ad revenue from his YouTube channel.

Beyond YouTube, SamSpedy has diversified his income streams through sponsored collaborations, merchandise sales, and personal appearances. He continues to be a role model for aspiring YouTubers in Nigeria, proving that dedication and creativity can lead to financial success on the platform.

3. Dimma Umeh –  $0.2 million (200,000)

Dimma Umeh, a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, has carved out her niche in the Nigerian YouTube community. While her net worth of $0.2 million may be comparatively lower than others on this list, her influence and impact cannot be understated. Dimma’s channel focuses on makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and fashion, making her a go-to source for beauty enthusiasts.

Dimma Umeh’s rise to prominence is attributed to her dedication to delivering high-quality, informative, and aesthetically pleasing content. Her engaging personality and honest product reviews have earned her a dedicated following. She has successfully leveraged her platform to collaborate with beauty brands and generate income through affiliate marketing.

Beyond her YouTube channel, Dimma Umeh has expanded her brand by launching her own beauty products and participating in philanthropic initiatives. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators, proving that passion and expertise can lead to a rewarding career in the world of YouTube.

4. Edith Skin Doctor –  $1 million

Edith Skin Doctor, one of Nigeria’s most renowned beauty and skincare YouTubers, has made significant strides in the online world of beauty and skincare tutorials. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Edith gained prominence through her unique approach to addressing common skin problems faced by Nigerians. Her YouTube channel is a treasure trove of skincare tips, home remedies, product reviews, and makeup tutorials, catering to a broad audience.

In 2023, Edith Skin Doctor’s net worth reached an impressive $1 million, a testament to her dedication and passion for her craft. Her channel boasts millions of subscribers and receives millions of views each month. Her success can be attributed to her authenticity and her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. Edith has also collaborated with several international skincare brands, further solidifying her status as a beauty influencer.

Beyond her YouTube earnings, Edith has diversified her income through endorsements, speaking engagements, and her own line of skincare products. She is an inspiration to many aspiring YouTubers and skincare enthusiasts in Nigeria and beyond, proving that dedication and expertise can lead to financial success in the digital age.

5. Broda Shaggi –  $1 million

Broda Shaggi, the multifaceted Nigerian entertainer, comedian, and YouTuber, has risen to fame with his unique blend of comedy, music, and skits. His real name, Samuel Animashaun Perry, is widely recognized across Nigeria and beyond. Broda Shaggi’s YouTube channel is a hub for rib-cracking comedy skits, hilarious parodies, and catchy music videos.

In 2023, Broda Shaggi’s net worth soared to $1 million, a testament to his versatility and comedic talent. His content appeals to a wide demographic, transcending age and cultural boundaries. With millions of subscribers and billions of views, Broda Shaggi has established himself as a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Apart from YouTube earnings, Broda Shaggi’s income streams include acting in Nollywood movies, endorsing various brands, and performing at comedy shows and events. He has become a role model for aspiring comedians and content creators in Nigeria, showcasing the potential for financial success in the world of digital entertainment.

6. Taaooma –  $0.8 million (800,000)

Taaooma, the popular Nigerian comedian and content creator, has captured the hearts of millions with her hilarious comedy skits and relatable characters. Born Maryam Apaokagi, Taaooma’s rise to fame on YouTube has been nothing short of remarkable. Her channel features a range of comedy sketches that often revolve around everyday Nigerian situations, making her content highly relatable.

As of 2023, Taaooma’s net worth stands at an impressive $0.8 million (800,000 USD). While slightly below some of her counterparts, Taaooma’s influence and earnings are still significant. Her YouTube channel boasts millions of subscribers and billions of views, showcasing her broad appeal.

Beyond YouTube, Taaooma has ventured into acting, brand endorsements, and live comedy performances, all of which contribute to her growing wealth. Her success serves as an inspiration to young comedians and content creators in Nigeria, proving that talent and hard work can lead to financial prosperity in the digital age. Taaooma’s journey from an aspiring comedian to one of Nigeria’s top YouTubers is a testament to the power of online content creation.

7. Kassim Braimah –  $0.99 million (990,000)

In 2023, Kassim Braimah emerged as one of the wealthiest YouTubers in Nigeria, amassing an impressive fortune of $0.99 million. His channel is a powerhouse of entertainment and lifestyle content that has captured the hearts of millions of viewers. Kassim’s content primarily revolves around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, targeting a diverse audience that spans across different age groups.

Kassim Braimah’s success can be attributed to his charismatic on-screen presence, engaging storytelling, and his knack for staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the fashion and beauty industry. His channel has become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts and makeup aficionados, where he shares expert tips, product reviews, and captivating vlogs from his personal life.

Aside from YouTube, Kassim has leveraged his online fame to collaborate with various fashion brands and launch his own line of beauty products. His business ventures have significantly contributed to his wealth, making him a prominent figure in the Nigerian YouTube community.

8. Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa is a renowned Nigerian YouTuber whose exact earnings in 2023 remain undisclosed, but her influence and wealth are undeniably significant. Toke’s YouTube channel is a versatile platform that encompasses various topics such as relationships, lifestyle, and self-improvement. Her candid and relatable approach to discussing sensitive subjects has earned her a massive following.

Toke Makinwa’s journey to becoming one of Nigeria’s richest YouTubers is intertwined with her successful career as a media personality, author, and businesswoman. Her YouTube channel serves as an extension of her brand, allowing her to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Aside from YouTube, Toke has ventured into the fashion industry, with her own clothing line and beauty products. Her entrepreneurial endeavors have undoubtedly contributed to her wealth, making her a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment and lifestyle scene.

9. Lasisi Elenu –  $0.8 million (800,000)

Lasisi Elenu is a comedic genius on YouTube and has made a name for himself with his hilarious skits and social commentary. In 2023, he achieved a remarkable net worth of $0.8 million, solidifying his status as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest YouTubers.

Lasisi’s YouTube content revolves around relatable, everyday situations that he humorously portrays, often using his signature filter to disguise his face. His ability to connect with the Nigerian audience through humor has gained him millions of subscribers and views.

In addition to his YouTube success, Lasisi has ventured into acting, featuring in Nollywood films, and has also secured brand endorsements. These diversifications have substantially contributed to his wealth and overall recognition in the entertainment industry.

10. Tomi Colour Pavilion 

Tomi Colour Pavilion is a rising star in the Nigerian YouTube community in 2023. While her exact net worth is undisclosed, her channel’s rapid growth and influence suggest significant earnings. Tomi’s YouTube content primarily focuses on makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and product reviews.

What sets Tomi apart is her talent for creating intricate and stunning makeup looks, which has attracted a dedicated following of makeup enthusiasts and beauty aficionados. Her engaging tutorials, where she breaks down the step-by-step process of achieving different makeup styles, have garnered millions of views.

Tomi Colour Pavilion’s journey to becoming one of the most promising YouTubers in Nigeria reflects the increasing demand for beauty and lifestyle content. Her channel not only showcases her expertise but also her passion for all things beauty, making her a notable figure in the Nigerian beauty and YouTube scene. As her channel continues to grow, so does the potential for her wealth and influence in the years to come.

Top Most Richest Youtubers in Nigeria

In 2023, Nigeria’s YouTube landscape has witnessed a remarkable evolution, and the list of the country’s wealthiest YouTubers is a testament to the power of creativity, dedication, and the digital age. These content creators have not only amassed substantial wealth but have also left an indelible mark on their viewers. From comedy sketches to beauty tutorials, their influence extends far beyond their net worth.

Mark Angel, with his family-friendly humor, remains the undisputed king of Nigerian YouTube, showcasing the potential for financial success through consistent and relatable content. SamSpedy’s authentic connection with his audience exemplifies the importance of genuine engagement, proving that being yourself can lead to financial prosperity.

Dimma Umeh and Edith Skin Doctor have demonstrated the value of expertise and authenticity in the beauty and skincare niche, showing that passion and knowledge can pave the way to success in a crowded digital landscape. Broda Shaggi’s versatility and ability to transcend cultural boundaries underscore the global appeal of Nigerian talent.

Taaooma and Kassim Braimah have used their charisma and trend-savvy content to build thriving YouTube careers, while Toke Makinwa’s multifaceted approach to online presence underscores the synergy between YouTube and a broader brand strategy.

Lasisi Elenu’s comedic genius and Tomi Colour Pavilion’s mastery of the beauty realm both signal the diverse opportunities that exist within the YouTube ecosystem. Their journeys are inspirations for aspiring content creators looking to carve their niche in the digital world.

As we conclude our exploration of Nigeria’s wealthiest YouTubers in 2023, it’s evident that their success extends beyond their financial status. These individuals have become influential figures, inspiring others to pursue their passions and embrace the limitless potential of the digital era. They have not only entertained but also empowered, leaving an enduring legacy in Nigeria’s ever-evolving YouTube landscape

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