Best Anime On Crunchyroll 2023: A Captivating Journey into Unforgettable Worlds

Top 8 Best Anime On Crunchyroll 2023


Best Anime on Crunchyroll

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Best Anime On Crunchyroll 2023

In 2023, Crunchyroll continues to be a haven for anime enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of captivating shows to indulge in. The anime universe has never failed to captivate viewers with its enthralling storylines, stunning art styles, and well-developed characters. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming tales of love and friendship, there’s something for every anime fan on Crunchyroll. Join us as we explore some of the best anime currently available on the platform, showcasing the most thrilling and heartwarming experiences that will leave you wanting more. Get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions and a journey into fantastical worlds as we delve into the top anime shows to watch on Crunchyroll in 2023.


10. Spy X Family (2022)

“Spy X Family,” released in 2022, presents a unique blend of espionage, comedy, and heartwarming family dynamics. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and animated by WIT Studio and CloverWorks, the anime follows the life of “Twilight,” a skilled spy on a mission to infiltrate a political leader’s inner circle. To achieve this, he must form a fake family, which includes a telepathic child and a wife with secrets of her own. As the story unfolds, the characters’ hidden identities and true intentions create a delightful mix of humor and suspense. “Spy X Family” is a must-watch for its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and the heartwarming relationships that blossom within this unconventional family.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)

“Jujutsu Kaisen,” released in 2020 and animated by MAPPA studios, takes viewers on a thrilling and supernatural journey. The story revolves around Jugi Itadori, a high school student who unwittingly becomes the host to a powerful demon after consuming a cursed finger to protect his friends. In a world plagued by curses born from people’s negative emotions, Itadori must navigate his newfound powers and train at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College to gain control. With intense action sequences, intriguing characters, and a touch of humor, “Jujutsu Kaisen” has garnered widespread acclaim for its outstanding animation and emotional depth. This anime offers a gripping experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

8. Orange (2016)

Orange,” a 2016 anime directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki and Naomi Nakayama and animated by Telecom Film Animation, presents a heartfelt and time-traveling story of second chances. The protagonist, Naho Takamiya, receives letters from her future self, warning her about certain actions that could alter her fate and prevent a future filled with tragedy and regret. Through its unique art style and relatable themes, “Orange” evokes a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere that keeps viewers emotionally invested. As Naho navigates her life, her connection with a new transfer student, Kakeru Naruse, adds depth to the narrative, exploring themes of friendship, love, and the importance of seizing opportunities. “Orange” remains an underrated gem in the anime world, capturing hearts with its poignant storytelling and memorable characters.

7. Haikyuu!! (2014)

“Haikyuu!!,” which first aired in 2014, is a sports anime that follows the journey of Hinata Shoyo, a determined high school student with dreams of becoming the next “Little Giant” in the world of volleyball. Inspired by a volleyball player he saw on TV, Hinata overcomes his short stature and tirelessly trains to prove himself on the court. The series not only captures the excitement and intensity of volleyball matches but also delves deep into the dynamics of teamwork, friendship, and personal growth. With its lovable and well-developed characters, captivating animation, and an engaging storyline, “Haikyuu!!” has earned widespread acclaim and has become a beloved favorite among sports anime enthusiasts.

6. Demon Slayer (2019)

In 2019, “Demon Slayer” took the anime world by storm with its gripping tale of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy whose family is slaughtered by demons, leaving him as the sole survivor. Determined to avenge his family and save his sister, who has turned into a demon, Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps. The series is praised for its breathtaking animation, intense action sequences, and emotionally charged narrative. As Tanjiro battles demons and navigates a world filled with tragedy and determination, the anime explores themes of family, love, hope, and resilience. “Demon Slayer” quickly gained a massive following, propelling it to the top ranks of anime popularity and solidifying its place as one of the must-watch series on Crunchyroll.

5. Blue Lock (2022)

“Blue Lock,” released in 2022, takes soccer to new heights in the world of anime. The story revolves around Yoichi Isagi, a high school student seeking to become the best striker in the country. However, the path to greatness is arduous as he faces immense pressure in a unique program known as “Blue Lock,” where only one player will be chosen as the ultimate striker. The anime takes a fresh approach to sports anime, delving into themes of ego, ruthlessness, and the lengths individuals are willing to go to achieve their dreams. With its captivating animation, a compelling portrayal of the competitive world of soccer, and a touch of psychological drama, “Blue Lock” is a standout addition to Crunchyroll’s lineup of must-see anime.

4. Ranking of Kings (2021)

“Ranking of Kings,” released in 2021, is an underrated gem in the anime world, blending fantasy, drama, and adventure seamlessly. The story revolves around Bojji, a young prince born with a hearing impairment, facing ridicule and stigma from his people. Despite his challenges, Bojji dreams of becoming the world’s best king, and his determination shines through as he embarks on a heroic journey. “Ranking of Kings” explores themes of betrayal, politics, loyalty, and inner turmoil, offering a compelling narrative that keeps viewers emotionally invested. With strong voice-over acting and its ability to evoke powerful emotions, this anime stands out for its depth and heartwarming execution.

3.Toradora! (2008)

“Toradora!” is a beloved coming-of-age anime that continues to captivate audiences since its release in 2008. The story follows Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, two high school students with contrasting personalities, who find themselves entangled in a complex love story. As they help each other overcome their love life struggles, “Toradora!” delves into the themes of growing, finding clarity, and discovering one’s worth. The anime’s natural character interactions and relatable storyline make it a heartwarming tale that resonates with viewers, leaving them with a full heart and a sense of nostalgia for the exhilarating journey of young love.

2. Chihayafuru (2011)

Released in 2011, “Chihayafuru” centers around the traditional Japanese card game, Karuta, and stands out as a unique sports anime. The story follows Chihaya, a talented and determined player, as she pursues her dream of becoming a top-notch Karuta player. With a focus on quick thinking, memory, and strategy, the anime takes viewers on an exciting journey through the world of competitive Karuta. “Chihayafuru” perfectly blends excitement, innocence, and warmth, making it a deeply engaging and emotionally satisfying watch for anime enthusiasts seeking a compelling narrative that goes beyond conventional sports anime tropes.

1. Gintama (2006)

A true classic in the anime world, “Gintama” has been captivating audiences since its debut in 2006. The anime is set in a captivating universe where Japan gets invaded by spaceships from different galaxies, disrupting the normal lives of its citizens. Amidst this chaos, Gintama, a samurai, takes on the role of a survivor and seeks to save as many people as possible. With an enthralling blend of action, comedy, and suspense, “Gintama” takes viewers on a fun-filled ride, featuring epic fight scenes, unique protagonists, and a quest for survival. Its clever storytelling and engaging characters have earned “Gintama” a special place in the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

Why is “Gintama” Celebrated as a Classic and Captivating Anime on Crunchyroll?

“Gintama” is celebrated as a classic and captivating anime on Crunchyroll for several compelling reasons, earning it a dedicated and passionate fanbase worldwide. Created by Hideaki Sorachi, the anime first premiered in 2006 and quickly became a massive success in the anime community. Here are some key factors that contribute to its enduring popularity:

1. Unique Blend of Genres: “Gintama” is renowned for its seamless blend of various genres, including action, comedy, drama, and science fiction. The series is set in an alternate-history version of Edo (now Tokyo), where Japan is invaded by extraterrestrial beings known as the “Amanto.” This blending of different genres allows the anime to explore a wide range of themes and tones, appealing to a diverse audience.

2. Humor and Parody: The anime is lauded for its comedic brilliance, with sharp wit, clever wordplay, and hilarious parodies of popular anime, manga, and even real-world events. The humor in “Gintama” often breaks the fourth wall, with characters self-aware of being in an anime, creating a meta and self-referential humor that keeps viewers entertained and engaged.

3. Well-Developed Characters: One of the strengths of “Gintama” lies in its well-developed and likable characters. The protagonist, Gintoki Sakata, is a lazy but skilled samurai who finds himself in absurd and often bizarre situations. Alongside Gintoki, the supporting cast is equally memorable, each contributing unique personalities and charm to the series.

4. Emotional Depth: Despite its comedic nature, “Gintama” doesn’t shy away from emotional and poignant moments. The series masterfully weaves heartwarming character arcs and intense storylines that explore themes of friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, and the value of life. These emotional moments add depth to the characters and resonate deeply with viewers.

5. Longevity and Consistency: “Gintama” boasts an impressive episode count, with hundreds of episodes over multiple seasons. The anime’s longevity and consistent quality have allowed viewers to become deeply invested in the characters’ journeys and the expansive world of “Gintama.”

6. Memorable Story Arcs: The series is known for its captivating and memorable story arcs that span multiple episodes, allowing for substantial character development and plot progression. Whether it’s a serious, action-packed arc or a lighthearted comedic adventure, “Gintama” never fails to keep viewers engaged.

7. Cultural and Historical References: “Gintama” cleverly incorporates references to Japanese history, culture, and various pop culture phenomena, making it a unique and educational experience for fans familiar with these aspects.

Gintama” has become a beloved classic due to its ability to seamlessly blend humor, action, and emotion, creating a captivating and well-rounded anime experience. Its enduring popularity on Crunchyroll is a testament to its ability to resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impact on the anime community.

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